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Newbie Routine

Newbie Routine

This routine is designed for people new to penis enlargement. It should be challenging but not likely to cause injury. It is important to start out gradually to allow the penis to adapt. The first two months of penis enlargement are when most injuries take place and they are a matter of pushing too far, too fast.

The Newbie Routine

  1. 5 minutes hot wrap
  2. 5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
  3. 10 minutes of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
  4. 5 minutes hot wrap
  5. 50 kegels of five second holds each
Schedule:2 days ON / 1 day REST.

Gradually increase to 10 min total of stretches and 30 min of jelqing over about 6 weeks time.
Penis enlargement videos covering elements of this routine are available.

Newbie Routine in Detail
This routine contains all the essential ingredients for growth. Consistency is important to ensure the best chances of success. As your penis becomes accostomed to the stresses it will become necessary to increase the duration or effectiveness of the exercises.

The following sections deal with the consituent parts of the routine and alternate methods or variations for each.

Hot Wrap
The purpose of a hot wrap is to heat the tissue, with the application of moist heat to the penis. The tissue when heated is more elastic and less likely to be injured during the course of the exercises.

Primary method is the repeated application to the penis of a facecloth or similar soaked in warm water. The water used to soak the facecloth should be as hot as possible without causing burning or pain. The facecloth should be wrung out slightly and then wrapped around the penis, avoiding the scrotum. Once the heat has faded, the facecloth should be soaked, wrung out and applied again. It may be necessary to reheat the facecloth as much as every 30 seconds. While the facecloth is wrapped around the penis, massage the penis through the facecloth. Repeat this for at least 5 minutes and as much as ten.

An alternate method for hot wrapping is the use of a rice sock. Fill an ordinary sock with uncooked rice. Tie the end of the sock and place in a microwave. Heat for 30 seconds or more if necessary. Apply the rice sock to the penis and hold in place for 5 minutes.

The are many other methods used to heat the penis, if the above two do not work for you, search the forum for alternate methods.

Manual Stretching
Fairly obviously, this involves stretching the penis with your hands. There are a number of ways to do this which are designed to effect different parts of the penis and it’s attachment points.

The beginning PEer, will generally be focussing on effecting the ligaments attached to the penis rather than the penis itself, allowing more of the ‘hidden’ penis to show. This is often where most initial easy gains come from.

There are two videos in the Thunder’s Place Video Series detailing stretches that will target the ligaments and are suitable for beginning PEers:

If no gains are found within the first couple of months it is sensible to consider changing the stretches to focus more effort on the tunica.

Jelqing is a technique designed to stress the erectile chambers of the penis, pushing blood forward to increase the internal pressure. Expansive instructions here: How to Jelq.

Wet or lubricated jelqing is the best method to begin with. Dry jelqing is harder on the skin and may more easily cause injury, dependent upon technique.

There are two jelqing videos in the Thunder’s Place Video Series:

Kegels, are the repeated crunching of the BC muscle, the muscle that can halt the flow of urine mid stream. They are used to increase the hardness of erections, they do not in themselves provide for permanent penis enlargement but having a well trained muscle is essential for many penis enlargement exercises, and they will help directly with sexual performance.

Increasing knowledge of penile anatomy is an important part of penis enlargement, for an understanding of kegels read Locating the bc muscle.

Hey man thanks for this information. I’ve done PE on and off for some years now (defiantly works) but I want to do it the right way now that I have more time on my hands and I am a lot more patient. I’ve done manual stretching, jelqing, handing (3lbs max) and traction device. Luckily I always warmed up and kept heat on my penis while handing and while having the traction device on so the only negative PI I have experienced is slight soreness and loss of EQ ( I could still get an erection though and took at least 2 days off to recover.) not too many rest days though which is something I want to start doing. This time around I want to completely finish the newbie routine before advancing to anything else. So my question to you and all the experience guys who completed their newbie routine is.

How long should we stick to the newbie routine before advancing to an “intermediate” routine and finally to an advanced routine? I have been doing the newbie routine for 1 month and I can see and feel bigger and better EQ. Also after the past experience I’ve had with PE and without any injuries and with the current routine I’m on do you guys think it’s ok to incorporate a traction device with minimal tension?
Was thinking of adding a session after the warm down or right away after jelqing (just have to clean up the coconut oil from jelqing) and then edge 10-20 min after my traction device session. Or should I wait for my penis to get more used to PE before adding the traction device?

After 1 month I’m currently at 5-10 min of warm up
5-10 min of manual stretching
15-25 min wet jelq 30-70% erect (I don’t count each jelq I just do a 2-4 second stroke as smooth as possible each time)
5-10 min warm down (Rice Sock)
10-30 min of edging sometimes
I need to focus more on kegels and not over due them. Any advice on this?

First 2 weeks I did 2 days off 1 on after the second week I believe I did 6 on 1 off only because I had previous experience and took things pretty slow.

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Hi luvdadus,

Thanks a bunch for the routine. Starting out, would it be okay to half these numbers and to perform them on a 1 day on/1 day off, 3 times a week basis?

If so, how much would you recommend to increase the volume by over the six weeks?

Much appreciated

Thanks for this info! Very helpful!

Hi all,

After going through the 6 weeks, are we then okay to start tailoring our routines to our specific goals and including different exercises, or are we encouraged to continue with the Newbie Routine for a longer period of time?



Originally Posted by Sonnald
Hi all,

After going through the 6 weeks, are we then okay to start tailoring our routines to our specific goals and including different exercises, or are we encouraged to continue with the Newbie Routine for a longer period of time?



Hi Sonnald!
how did the routine go these 6 weeks, everything OK, no problems? In any case, I would advise you to continue for another 6 weeks and then start the new phase. Let us know soon, best bye :up:

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