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AUTOEXTENDER success Thread

AUTOEXTENDER success Thread

Hello Gentlemen:
I am really interested in the autoextender and in all the different ways it can be used. So I went looking for stories on the AutoExtender and noticed that they were all spread out throughout the forum and mixed in other threads! So I got the idea to creating ONE AutoExtender Thread with all the success stories.

And even if you use it for hanging, or AutoStretching, or ADS post it.

So basically it is going to be a standard Success Story thread. Your routine, your gains, the different ways you used it. What pants did you use to hide it? Was it seen by others?

Any other thoughts also you could say?

Also, maybe we should stick to some sort of format like:

Time: used one year

Problems at the beginning and how did you solve them:

I think that will help everyone make the best use of the AutoExtender when all the excellent info is in one thread.




When you come across the various threads and interesting posts, why don’t you leave a link right here? That’s kind of the only way for this to become a thread of reference.

regards, mgus

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