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Bed fowfers


I will also continue to use fowfers as I have tried it but did hurt the balls. I will try these suggestions. I get nice morning woods so will practice after doing stretching before beginning to sleep. Thanks for all the info.

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How effective is this in getting lenght gains? Sometimes it just feels like im only stretching my skin.

Not sure if what I do is qualified as a ‘Bed Fowfer’ or not but this is my nightly routine before sleep:

*Baby Powder inner thighs, groin, scrotum and penis thoroughly.
*Get in bed and tuck entire package ‘comfortably’ into my groin; making sure by pulling everything through from behind securing the hold with my upper/inner thighs.
*Relax and go to sleep maintaining this position all night long.

During the night I will unconsciously get nocturnal erections and will also unconsciously kegel; this will cause pressure and will constrict the base of my penis at the exit point from my body producing a safe, comfortable, moderate Uli type squeeze where blood flow is not restricted (excellent for girth).

At the same time I am holding my penis down with my upper thighs in a tucked/pulling position stretching the ligaments at the base of my penis (excellent for length).

If I wake up during sleep I immediately recognize I’m still tucked and will deliberately straighten my legs and start doing upper thigh squeezes and kegels until I fall back to sleep maintaining this ‘Bed Fowfer’ position.

When I start waking up in the morning I begin the upper leg squeeze/kegel reps for as long as I desire. The sensations are incredible!

By doing this version of ‘Bed Fowfers,’ I have found that I can comfortably and safely accomplishing both girth and length exercises simultaneously (while unconscious), over a long period of time without any fatigue or concern for my safety whatsoever.

When I’m finished I have a ‘red hot’ boner the size of Florida! Absolutely amazing what it does for my ego.


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I don’t do bed fowfers. I’m too afraid to change my upward erection angle.


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