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The difference between hitting a plateau or injuring oneself can be a matter of slight variations in PE no device can make for me. With my hands, I can adapt my actions to match my needs. With a device, I must adapt my needs to match its action. I can only assume I don’t know how to use my hands if an extender or a pump do better than me. To quote Confucius, ‘teach a man to fish’.

Before : Bpel 5.6"

Now : Bpel 6.7"

Originally Posted by Ponto
There is someone here who pumps for 1 hour, talk to him about using too much pressure and overusage. I follow the instructions, obviously there are men who can jelq and do the manual stretches, hang and use an extender who will not gain. They don’t have the genetic base to gain. PE is not a one size fits all group of techniques, it works for many and doesn’t for the few. With Bathmate, it causes bruising on me no matter how I use the pump, over pumping usually produces edema, that swelling around the glans, it is obvious. I just get the bruise basically from the first 2 usages of the hand pump attachment. The fact is the Bathmate water pump is not as wonderful a method of giving permanent gains in girth or length without causing minor injuries like the bruising that its makers state. Blaming the user is like blaming the victim in crime. Pumping works for you, great, for me it is problematic. Penis discoloration is the most common effect of using penis pumps.

Originally Posted by velhungvhite
I think pumping can be effective at promoting growth but within reason. With safe pressure, duration, and supplementing other exercises I think it has potential for long term growth.

I agree that the bathmate series isn’t great, and like you said, PE isn’t one size fits all. It’s hard to say if you’re using too much pressure if you don’t have a gauge but my point was that discoloration seems to happen when people are using too much pressure (7-10hg range.) You could be pumping at safe pressures and experience discoloration, but we don’t know what pressures you’re using. Here’s some good threads that are semi-related

Bathmate causing discoloration and numbness?

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I voted for manual stretches cause in terms of all factors considered


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