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BTC stretch variation needs beta testers

BTC stretch variation needs beta testers

I’ve been doing some stretches lately that need further peer review. They’re all basically variations of the BTC stretch.

Lying on your side with knees bent, reach down and push the entire package — dick and balls — between the legs and completely behind you, so it’s tucked in the pocket between your butt cheeks and thighs. Make sure there’s no ball sack sticking to your thighs. It’s very important that everything is back there or what follows will be ineffective and maybe injurous.

Put your legs tightly together. Just straightening your legs as you pull up with your ab muscles and squeeze your thighs together will give you an interesting stretch while in this position.

Next, reach around and grab your dick and tug hard. As you do so, straighten the legs, pull up with the abs and try moving your pelvis into the stretch. With practice, you’ll find this really feels good to the ligaments. Also try pulling your dick in different angles to hit the ligs and shaft differently. Pulling it way up into a good BTC really gives a good burn. Remember to keep the legs together. They’re intensifying the stretch. I think this stretch is very good for length. Like a traditional BTC, it uses the strength of the legs to add power and reduce hand and arm fatigue.

Now that your in that groove, stay in the basic position and try pulling one knee up towards your chest as you straighten the other leg. Again, pivot your pelvis to intensify the effect. I do this hands-free, only reaching down ocassionally to keep the package in position. Keep those legs tightly together. Turn onto your other side and switch legs. You’ll feel this stretch fairly deep in your abdomen around the roots of your ligs. I haven’t been doing it long, but I suspect this stretch benefits flaccid hang and the general appearance of the package. I have a fairly high LOT and exit point. After I do this stretch my package feels and appears lower and more distinct.

Finally, see how it feels when you have an engorged dick. For some reason, my dick gets fat doing these stretches, particularly when I do the version where I pull one knee towards my chest. It gives a good squeeze and seems to benefit girth. I also reach back and grab my semi-erect dick way down on the base and tug, carefully. The whole package seems to stretch.

Anyway, I’d appreciate hearing how all this feels to other guys, and whatever variations you discover, or may already be doing because you’ve been doing this stretch too.

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Cool, Ike. I’ve been doing this every morning. Unknowingly I’ve been testing the Ike Fowfer

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Cool, Ike. I’ve been doing this every morning. Unknowingly I’ve been testing the Ike Fowfer

Me too. I used to do them every morning before rising for about 1 hr, with BG fowfers inbetween sets of Ike fowfers. Great for getting warmed up for BTC hanging.

Nice bump BG.

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I know this is an old thread but has anyone used this variation of the BTC stretch with success? I’m looking to incorporate it into my routine.

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