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Buck's Fascia

Buck's Fascia

Mine is off center. It is actually off to the left a quite a bit and makes its way to my glands on a slant. I have an extender and when I put it on and place it down my right pants leg, I get a weird sensation. Not pain but a VERY specific stretch which is ‘uncomfortable’. I even get that same sensation at low tension.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have no negative PIs, should I continue until I do? Should I focus my extending to that angle or stay away from direct pressure? I feel like I could hurt it with a too powerful stretch.

I would do what feels good. Any type of stretch that doesn’t feel right is a “bad” stretch in my opinion. If the stretch was more of a relaxing and “good feeling” stretch, I’d be all for it. Listen to your body, it’s always trying to give you feedback (biofeedback).

I kept on extending to the right. After about 45 mins, there is a burning sensation and even more intense discomfort. But no negative effects such as turtling. I think I’m going to continue with the current routine and stretch to the right too.

Bump.. Went to hanging and have the same issue. It seems that when I hang from the side, my left (the place where I believe the fascia to be curving to) has more discomfort. I am worried I may injure myself but also worried I could be through with PE entirely. Does anyone else have a discomfort just on one side?

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