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Cable Clamp Extreme ULIs vs "nearly extreme" manual ULIs

Cable Clamp Extreme ULIs vs "nearly extreme" manual ULIs

This is my first (newbie)thread, but I am sort of an old “hand” returning to PE after many years of no serious commitment to a PE lifestyle. I immediately saw the potential of the cable clamps in the hardware store and bought three. When I got home I started to play with one and learned what many of you already had, they need some padding, both for comfort as well as to eliminate pinching. After some trial and error, I found that scuba wetsuit material seemed to do the job.

I started doing ULIs before I found these forums and that others had persued similar paths. I was fully aware of the ~10 min. kind of limits on stopped blood flow and tissue oxygenation, and proceded to try what I found you call ULIs both felt good and gave me a good start on my serious return to PE. I also started to do what I,for lack of knowing a better name, “nearly extreme manual ULIs” which is an overhand grip and a Kegel or two to get some blood filling, then tighten up the “OK” at the base and either pull or alternately “pump” back and forth, ala the varying pressure threads. But differently I switch hands every thirty seconds which gives the hands a needed rest from the very tight grip and Importantly the few seconds, between hands gives a bolus of fresh oxygenated blood to the poor oxygen starved penis, therefore little darkening , just a healthy glow. Does this seem better than the clamp extreme ULIs? The hand switching and a few weeks of practice gave me the grip strength to do a 20 min set comfortably, and sneaking in 5 or 10 min during restroom breaks at work gives me 20 min after morning shower, 10-20-30 min during the day and at least 20-40 min at home during the evening. That adds up to over an hour each day with minimal schedule changes. Add a couple sets of manual stretches and I have a nice workout each day. My wife thinks it is just Kegels, but after 2 months she is feeling the difference! I also made a hanging device, vaguely similar to a Bib Hanger from one, I’ll post pix of it soon. Sorry this rambled on so long but I haven’t found a thread quite like this one in the forums. I invite comments and questions from all, new and old.

I just went out and bought some myself because like you said its easy to slip it in your day…have you notice any results from your efforts?

You PE at work?! Do you have some sort of private bathroom or do you just go for it in a stall. Either way hats off to ya man.

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