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Can I Gain After 13 Years???

Can I Gain After 13 Years???

Hello all! It’s been a while since I have been on here, or did any kind of PE routine. I do a little maintenance jelqing maybe once a month over the last several years. I am holding at around 6.5L x 5.75G. I am thinking of starting some kind of routine again and see if I can’t gain a little bit more.

For the guys that don’t know me my gains were mainly from intense jelqing (really ballooning up the penis), and manual stretching. Because I haven’t been following the boards I have know idea of what might be a good routine for an old timer like me. (53) lol Because my unit has built up resistance to the exercises, ligs like steel cables, tunica like reinforced mesh, I’m not sure what may work, maybe nothing will at all. I know towards the end of my peing I really didn’t gain much over a 2 year period. If anyone has any good input I am all ears!

Good to be back! Later Quest!

I would say yes, do what has worked in the past and you should gain something. I would suggest frequent deconditioning breaks, kinda 2 months on/1off, because your penis will regain fast the toughness achieved.

I sure hope so. I’m in the same boat as you.


me too .. same boat, trying to get a routine again. hopefully i can stick this time.

I say, you bet, but you have to start at the basics. You guys know what the basics are. How many times have I posted this, consistency and dedication is the key to PEing.
Here is what has to be done before starting PE regiment. You have to have the right mind set, once you have that, consistency and dedication will come easy. Just like going
to the gym..I know I make it sound easy but it is like anything else. If you set your mind, then you really to do what you want to accomplish, you have to want it and mean it.

PE really is not that hard, but then again, Ms tnt helped me and motivated me.

I too have decided to get back into PE training. I have not really been overly consistent or dedicated for what must be 2 years. Guess where I started? The newbie routine!

I notice that jelqing is not as easy as it was, and if I go for a prolonged edging session, then I just don’t have the same staying power either. Ballooning and o-bends aren’t even on the cards yet for me. In the last 2 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in EQ and heaviness of erection.

Good luck getting back into PE gentlemen.

Yep. I’ve been back on the newbie routine for about 3 weeks so far. I have thrown in some fowfers where convenient. I have a difficult time getting to 100 nice, slow jelqs so far, but I’m getting there.


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