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Can't get any more length :

Can't get any more length :

Well it’s been about 6 months of very consistent ADS stretching as well as about a total of 20 minutes heavy stretching (20 pounds) and 30-60 minutes of manual stretching (per day)

I haven’t gained anything in the last 6 months, I’m starting to doubt if I can get any more length, and just recently used my last sleeve for my stretcher.

I’m bummed :/

Deconbreak could be a wise thing to do and then start again with low intensity. How much length did you gain so far?

Also, no jelqing?

Gained just over an inch from my starting.. I started about 5.5, and now I’m around 6.75. I’ve decon’d for 8 months previous to trying again, and it didn’t seem to work at all.

No jelqing also.

Maybe that’s my downfall, I have been clamping now and then, but no jelqing.

You should probably throw some jelqing in there. 100-200 should suffice. Also, are you warming up/down?

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Originally Posted by Makemelarge

……..about a total of 20 minutes heavy stretching (20 pounds) ….

I’m not really understanding this point. Are you using some particular device or hanging?

Hanging, 20 pound weights, or 15 pounds + a round object for a shaft stretch.

Then anchor for ADS, it’s comfortable and easy to get on/off.

Still not clear, sorry. :)

What kind of hanger are you using? Your routine is:

a) heavy hanging for 20 minutes +

b) ADS (how much time on average?) +

c) manual stretching for 30-60 minutes

that’s it?

What’s the frequence? 5 on/2 off, or what?

If all else fails, try the ‘rotate your crops’ method. Decon from hanging and try something else in it’s place for a few months, then go back to the ADS and heavy stretching.

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I’d hang like 5 minutes of 20 pounds, with my old vacustretcher thing, autoextend or something, I forget the name.

Usually 4 sets of that, and then I lighten the weight a little and stretch over a can of spray or some cylindrical sturdy object for maybe a minute or 2. I do a few of these sets every day. Pretty much 6/1, 6 days on 1 day off.

ADS is worn at all time except for sleep, or a 1-2 hour period when I’m driving around.

Also manual stretches are done using my fingers as the cylindrical objects to stretch the shaft mostly.

I’m going to try again starting monday, getting back into jelqs, thats when I made most of my gains and havent seen much gains besides then.

‘You can’t overwork length’. How many times have you read that? Well, there are many guys whose experience is showing this dogma is false. When you overwork length, stalling is the first consequence; insisting can result in injury. Add that: tanging for 5 minutes with moderate weigths, has as a more likely effect to strengthen your penis.

I’m with coolbill on this one: start doing something different for some months. In example, if you haven’t done jelqs for months, start a jelq-based routine, avoiding pure lenght work.

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