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Cheap ADS weights on ebay


I just bought one. Hell, a 2 inch one is for a big penis! I am 5.25 girth erect and I’d wear this flaccid so I got the 3/4 inch one. I might post a thread to see how this goes.

I have an ADS I got from eBay but it is a pain to wear at work. Maybe this will be better.

Yea it should come in the mail by tomorrow,

I’ll let you guys know how it is.

It’s pretty damn cheap. Normally PE ADS weights are like 30-100 bucks.

Sex, money, and jellybeans

How would you use this? They look painful. Do you just leave them strapped on with a flaccid? I’m average length but I’m barely hitting 5.0 girth erect, which size do I get?

I have no idea how they measured it.but it looks like they all are really the same size until you get up too 11oz weights.

They all pretty much are for average-large. There’s none that says “small”

Sex, money, and jellybeans

They are just split lock collars that are used on motor shafts and such. You can buy these anywhere, such as MaSter Carr.

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How do you wear that stuff?I mean is it a one size fits all.I have golf weights but they don’t seem to stay on does it look like these would lock into place?


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