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Chemical PE - PGE1

Chemical PE - PGE1


This is my first new thread here.
I came across some interesting info that I wanted to share. It is regarding Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) for penis enlargement. This is a prescription medication in the USA and goes by several other names such as:
(The top three are administered intracavernosal injection while Muse is administered via transurethral suppository)
*all forms have the same active ingredient (PGE1)

There is an older study I found where monkey penises were found to undergo “hypertrophy of smooth muscle” due to repeated intracavernosal injections of PGE1 over time. Here is the study:
https://pubmed. …

I also found this chemical PE patent quite interesting. It seems to corroborate the findings from the study I linked above. (I attached the patent file below).

Does anyone have experience with repeated PGE1 administration for permanent penile enlargement?

I have never used this medication before.

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Chemical PE Patent.pdf
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Bump.. Anyone?

I am trying to look into chemical PE to supplement the more manual tried and true methods of PE that I am currently using:
Bathmate & Phallosan Forte with Phallosan Plus

There do not seem to be any legitimate chemical mean for permanent gains that I can find. Is this true?

Any shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I am a diabetic suffering with ED and used Viagra three or four times a week to generate erections for sex for about five years until even 100 mg could not get the job done. Granted, I didn’t use it for PE but my experience was that it generated a hard erection as long as stimulation was being applied but became ineffective after orgasm or about 45 minutes, which ever came first.

After Viagra, I moved on to Trimix injections (PGE1 it’s main component,) also for sex (About three times a week) and not for PE. However, my experience with Trimix was that it generated a hard erection for up-to two hours. I used it for three years until it became ineffective, but can not say that it did anything to increase the size of my dick. However, it is possible that if you increase the dose such that it generates a hard erection up to four hours, it could generate some gains but then you would be risking the dangers of priapism.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Originally Posted by Dr_PP

Does anyone have experience with repeated PGE1 administration for permanent penile enlargement?

I have never used this medication before.

Forget about it! There was some thread on this on ThunderPlace very long time ago(12 years ago?). Some crazy doc(probably) was trying to make impression he is a client of some “doctor” that “has this wonderful method” which makes penis grows. This method was about injecting Caverject(and some other things, can’t remember now). To make long story short - a lot of guys jumped on this train, myself included. The N result was that NONE of us got any positive result, we lost some money and some of us had problems with penis(me included) because of injections into penis made wrong way.

It is nothing new, been there, done that. Nada.


If the product does not directly produce PE gain, Would the controlled erections help solidify any gains made from other methods? Does anyone know or has anyone tried? please feel free to post a link. ( yes I have read a lot through the search featrue - lol ).
For Example.
one hangs for a period of time, 3 days or one week - then at the end a controlled erection to help out before taking a couple days off. Or , more often than once a week, i dont know. Im guessing and asking.

it would seem to reason that getting a stretched out penis maximally hard would be good.

thoughts? thanks for reading

Cross references

New York Texan’s PRP Experiment

I started the thread linked above. Around post 19 (I think) you will see a link to an older thread by Stagestop who maintained a presence for a number of years through his experiences, with growth. Whether it does or does not work I don’t yet know. But, the thread by Stagestop in particular seems to be the most detailed experience, with a good deal of detail.

NYTX is on the right path. I approached this several years ago, perhaps some 10 years ago with great results. It was all experimentation in my part, but as mentioned by Raptor and applied by NYTexan, this is a competent to something else, and really potentiate gains. Keep in mind, in my experiment I was inducing erections of 4-6 hours. It has to be under conditions “beyond natural capabilities”

Period 1: 06/08/2020 BPFSL: 22cm (8.66") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 09/07/2020 BPFSL: 23.9cm (9.40")

Period 2: 05/01/2021 BPFSL: 24cm (9.44") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 07/24/2021 BPFSL: 25.4cm (10.00") BPEL: 23.5cm (9.25")

Goal: 1 Foot x 7.5 Inches (30.48cm x 19.05cm) NBPEL

I’ve been wanting to try this since I heard igigi talk about it a few months ago, but it seems the only places that sell it charge an insane amount. I’d prefer to use the intra-urethral gel form. Alas, too expensive.

I tried some PGE1 injections and couldn’t bear the pain. Maybe trimix would be more tolerable but 4 hours of intense pain was too much for me and that’s apparently a common side effect.


You could discuss with your Doc. There are multiple strengths as well as combinations of various drugs, some of which can lessen the pain. Dosage adjustment can as well. My conclusion is the pain is possibly the stress on the tunica caused by expansion of the CC to their maximum. Or I suppose to the CC themselves due to construction by the tunica. Either way it seems that strain is in part what is sought, but yes, you may be able to get a dosage or other combination with less pain.


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