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Circular stretching

Circular stretching

I’ve been using the search button, but can’t seem to find anything about circular stretching.

That is grabbing just below the head and in a clockwise then counterclockwise direction,
Stretching in circular motions, like you were stirring soup.

Mantak Chia talked of it in his book. Anyone do this?

Yeah I do this every time I stretch right at the end of the workout. I start with really wide circles and then decrease the diameter gradually until I am just pulling SO; then I do the opposite. It gives the unit a really “even” stretch I think.

Oh yeah, I’ve always done that. Anytime I stretch, I stretch in every angle at varying intensities. I use my thumb as fulcrum to hit every part of the shaft. But the circular motion feels effective as well. There’s really no way in which I don’t stretch. I don’t have a routine of different stretches… I’ll just do a session and do whatever I feel like until I feel a good soreness creep in.

I’ve been trying to stretch more upwards due to the whole LOT theory.

Also, I’m not sure if those stretches have a name, which is probably why you can’t find anything. Now that I think of it I’ve never heard anyone talk about them on the forum. But it’s always been common sense to me. If you go up down left right, you miss the majority of the angles. If you just rotate around you’ll hit every angle over and over again. Makes sense to me.

I also try to jelq at every angle was well, but that can be difficult… especially when straight downward feels the most effective.

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I think You’ll find it in the ‘movie’ section of the newbue forum. Probably under the stretching program Try a search around there

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Make a search for “helicopter”.

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I do this during every stretching workout. I think a slow circle is best to avoid pulling a muscle (ligament, etc) the wrong way and injuring something. Kind of rounds out (pun not intended) the workout - plus it allows your sore hands to rest with different angles.

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As a “warm down” exercise, I wrap a warm rice sock around the shaft and then slowly perform the circular stretching motion. Gives a nice, even stretch.

Nice idea, how many repetitions do you guys do with the helicopters?

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