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Clamping for a month




I’m doing so I realize the difference.

Screw the Bottom part is more comfortable, but

not so effective.

Deformação+micro lesão+divisão

My concern with clamping with screw not on bottom is pressure on uretha and top of shaft vein. Anyone else clamp like that?

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Originally Posted by Workingit
I put the clamp on with the screw at the bottom.. Your saying to do the clamp where the screw is on the side? I thought screw on bottom is correct way to clamp?

Screw on bottom side is the way to go.

The pressure is on the CC and not on the dorsal nerve or vein.

Perhaps this is mentioned elsewhere, but consider using a heating pad, or an IR heat lamp, while clamping. Tissue is more flexible while warm. More likely to see physical deformation while toasty.


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