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Clamping Questions Aplenty, Opinions Wanted


Clamping Questions Aplenty, Opinions Wanted

I’ve been doing some searching and reading some old posts on clamping and I’ve got a few questions. I am considering starting a clamping routine within a month and a half or so and I want some questions answered first.

As of right now, here’s my routine

-10 min wet jelq
-80 strokes with my homemade power-jelq
-Currently 3 (will work up to 10) repetitions of the supra slammer
For those of you not familiar, the basic concept of the supra slammer is to stroke to a 100% erection to the point of ejaculating but hold back. At this point, make a tight O-grip at the base and squeeze for 10 seconds. Move the grip hand up the shaft slowly (over a period of 10-15 sec) while squeezing the PC muscle. The move ends by stopping behind the head and squeezing for another 10 seconds. As I said I’m only doing 3 per session now but I will work up to 10 as it is a very strenuous exercise (and it seems to be a good build up for clamping).

I just finished a routine where I did only jelqs and powerjelqs with no girth-specific exercises.

To any members experienced with clamping…

1. What has your experience been regarding the permanence of gains from clamping as compared to jelq-type moves. It would seem to me that clamping would provide faster gains than jelqing, but these gains would be less permanent. What I have read confirms this to a degree. Would you recommend
a. A clamping routine that includes jelqing
b. Using a jelq routine at the conclusion of a clamping routine to solidify gains
c. Doing an extended period of clamping after my goal size has been reached to solidify gains. If so, what would be the the best way to do this?

2. This question involves the actual routine. The variables are frequency (per day) and days on and off. I figured I would do two 10 minute sessions per day but I’m unsure as to how many days I should do this in a row before taking a rest day. Obviously when I do embark on this I will play it by ear (or by dick).

If anyone can add anything other than the questions I’ve asked that would be great also. At 7 3/8 X 5 3/16 I’m due for some girth.


And one more thing…

By the time I get to the clamping routine it will have been about 3 months since I restarted PEing. I hate to ask such a newbie question but would that be too soon to start such a strenuous program? Take into consideration that I’ve done about 6 months (on-and-off) over the course of about 2 years. This time, I’m trying to get serious like I was in the beginning. Thanks guys.

Anyone? Sometimes I think that I’m a thread killer… Maybe I should stick to lurking.

Have you seen results recently? I think whether you should be doing more would depend on the answer to that.

Good luck!

Well, I haven’t started clamping yet. So far I’m seeing results in what I’ve been doing but I’m looking for some serious girth without hurting myself. Really I just wanted some general opinions and experiences from people who’ve done clamping. Although I’ve tried it just to see what it was like, I’ve never dedicated myself to an actual program so I just want some more information.

Thanks for the reply.

>1. What has your experience been regarding the permanence of gains from clamping as compared to jelq-type moves.

Most of my girth increase happened in the first few months of PE. I was mostly jelqing then, with a few one-handed, Uli type things thrown in here and there.

Later I gained a few fractions sporadically from various things:

  • Hanging. Overall girth went up mysteriously one month. I don’t know why.
  • The first couple weeks of an intense squeeze routine.
  • A decent gain from doing only light intensity techniques to maintain expansion, such as edging while wearing a cock ring, wrapping for girth, light pumping, etc. (this was after a longish period of deconditioning).
  • A tiny midshaft gain that now seems to have disappeared from a couple months of very intense extreme Ulis.

For me, intense doesn’t work very well. More in this case is definitely not better. Experiment and see what works for you. Err on the side of doing too little.

You could keep your sessions as they are but add time edging while clamped moderately loosely (producing the effect a cock ring would provide). You’d probably be better off doing this last so it holds and maybe builds on the expansion you’ve already attained from jelqing and other exercises.

Yeah, I can agree with you. Sometimes I get the feeling that if I just stuck to jelqing I’d get all the results I needed. It also seems that jelqing does more for my penile health than the more intense moves. Nevertheless, with many reports of great gains from clamping it’s easy to get greedy. I’m still curious about clamping (maybe at a lower intensity) more than once per day.

The “decent gain” I mentioned was mostly from spending long periods (several hours per day) maintaining a strong erection while wearing a cock ring. Most or all of this progress occurred within the first week or two. The rest cemented it. I was relatively deconditioned at the time. I hadn’t done any serious jelqing or other girth-affecting things for several months.

Over the years I have tried moderate and intense girth exercises using varying schedules and schemes. With rare exceptions these trials have only produced discoloration and a toughened dick. I can sometimes get fantastic temporary expansion, but it doesn’t translate into a permanent increase, even over prolonged periods.

I don’t understand this either, so don’t look to me for concrete advice. All I can do is relate my experience to date. I don’t understand why I gained when I did yet didn’t when I thought the routine should have worked. Girth can be a mysterious bitch. I hope we figure her out soon.

Yes, girth is a bitch. I’ve always seemed to gain length somewhat predictably but girth seems to come whenever it pleases. Lately I’ve had the idea of trying a 2 on 1 off program with the first day being just jelqing and the second day being more girth intensive. That way I have more time to recover from the more intense work. A little trial and error cant hurt.

For me I can never stick with jelqing because it is too messy, takes too long, hard to maintain the right erection level, hurts my wrists, etc. I do clamping 10-30 minutes a day(10 minutes at a time) 3-5 days a week and am not sure if that is where my .25” girth gains came from but I definitely feel like it is working and for me it is easier to be consistent in my workout doing this.

I use my power jelq to help keep the pressure up while clamping, but would strongly recommend against it unless you are well conditioned and not prone to overdoing things.

Not much of an answer but hope it helps.


Stubby, how is the base girth coming with the clamp? And by the way I like the idea of the power-jelq along with the clamping. I won’t try it anytime soon but it seems like a good idea for the future…

Originally Posted by wangchun
Stubby, how is the base girth coming with the clamp? And by the way I like the idea of the power-jelq along with the clamping. I won’t try it anytime soon but it seems like a good idea for the future…

Wang- My base girth seems to be coming along well (My first pics…. stats and pics) though I am not sure if that could be attributed to my hanging. When I am done clamping there is definitely a noticeable divot where the clamp’s were, but when I get an erection I never see any divot before clamping, so I am assuming somehow my body is evening things out- which I think makes some sense. I wonder if clamping might result in slower girth gains than jelqing but might also prevent the baseball bat dick look.

As far as the PowerJelq and clamping- I do not Jelq while clamped- just use the PJ to create more internal pressure so that my penis has as much internal pressure as it can handle. I find this better than using thumb and forefinger and the cushion on the rollers seem to be more gentle on the penis than fingers. I’ve added a pic (demonstrating on an umbrella) that shows how I do this- I tried a couple different ways but the best seems to be putting it right above the clamps with it gripping the sides of your Penis so it does not cut off the main vein. Also I would strongly suggest using some sort of soft material under your clamp- I use pipe insulation and think it helps you get a better, more comfortable clamp and prevents pinching skin in the clamp.

damn- I’ve been doing PE almost a year and I’m still shooting for your starting length :(

(10.1 KB, 618 views)

How do you prevent your PJ from slipping off your penis? I have a PJ, and thought about using it very much as your picture shows, but when I go to grip the PJ rollers onto my dick, they roll right off. Did you have this same issue with your PJ, and if so, how did you correct it?

Bean, it’s something you just have to get used to doing. When I use my PJ, I use both hands and slowly move up. Make sure you keep even pressure with both hands. It’s wierd because I used to have the same problem but now it’s so easy it never happens. I think they even say that there is a “learning curve” as they call it. Just keep using it, you’ll get it.

Stubby, that’s quite a setup. It seems wierd how so many people have reported increased base girth when clamping, even though the base is actually pushed in during the process! There must be something at play that we don’t know about. Any thoughts?

Bean- If you are trying it as a clamping aid how does it fall off? Are you lubed up? I do this totally dry. I think position may be the key I have an upward curve and do this lying on my back so the handle of the PJ is resting on my stomach while doing it. Hope that helps- if not please provide more info about your technique and I’ll see if I can’t help you out. (feel free to PM me too)

Wang- Yeah it seems a little strange that clamping would result in girth under the clamp. My thought is that the body somehow evens things out when clamping not sure why it would do this with clamping and not as much with jelqing but maybe it has to do with clamping being more high pressure or the fact that it involves little if any motion. I would theorize even people that have got the baseball bat effect have actually made some girth gains they just haven’t kept up with the mid-shaft gains.

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