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Some observations on stretching after/before a clamping routine

Some observations on stretching after/before a clamping routine

Most of the time when I had a clamping session, afterwards I wore the PeniMaster to stretch my dick when it’s very fat and full of blood.

There are 2 things that bother me:

One day I was wearing the Penimaster for about 4 or 6 hours and when I was starting my routine it looked like I lost some girth or at least it wasn’t that good wearing the PM/stretching before a clamping session. I didn’t get the same expansion as on days when I wasn’t wearing the PM that much. Piet told me that doing stretches or wearing the PM wouldn’t affect my girth.

Yesterday after a pretty intense clamping session ( I started jelqing again when clamped) I stretched my dick and it was really shorter and it was sore. My concern is that wearing the PeniMaster or stretching after an intense clamping session could be bad for gains, perhaps my dick needs a rest for some hours. Or is it best wearing the PeniMaster after an intense girth session when tissue is expanded and damaged?

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.



My feeling is that it connot stretch as much after an intense girth workout because the surface area of your penis is being used up in the girth, so it can’t stretch as long. As far as your concern that it could be bad for gains, I think it would be more beneficial for length gains to stretch after a girth routine (weakened dick state), but if you are interested in gaining girth I wouldn’t recommend it. Remember, this is all speculation.

One foot to go

XXX, It has been miy opinion, and many others on the board, that stretching BEFORE girth exercises works best. Like blowing up one of those long balloons to make animals out of. The first thing you do is stretch it and it expands easier.


HJ, so you are saying that stretching before a girth workout, can give greater/easier expansion girthwise during the girth workout compared to no stretching before girth work?

It has been a question for debate for a long time. Some like to stretch after jelqing, hanging, pumping, clamping…whatever. Others, like me, prefer to stretch before. It has been my experience that stretching prior loosens the ligs, and then girth exercises afterwards enhance the girth and work on length as well.

Like I always say; Experiment with everything on this board that makes sense to you, and then stick with what works. Everyone is different.


KinXXXize, hi,

How do you manage to ware the extender for 6 hours .I can only last 1 and then it’s only on once a week.

I’m a small hard gainer and just getting into clamping.

Do you think I can go for both length & girth as part of an ongoing regieme.

Interesting thread.

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