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Cockring broke after only a few minutes


Cockring broke after only a few minutes

I have been thinking of getting a cock ring quite a while now, finally ordered some and got them home to day. A package of 5 silicon rings that fits all sizes it says on the site I ordered them from. I put one on and it did what it’s supposed to do. My dick got rock hard and a little thicker then normal. Then the ring snapped of, felt something, like a lash on my balls, I looked down and the ring was broken and felt of my dick.

I don’t know what happened here. I could take it as a sign that my dick is getting quite big lol, or the ring was just small, even thou it should fit all sizes, I remember thinking when I ordered it that it’s kinda weird one ring can fit all different sizes. The ring was probably just a shitty product.

I am disappointed now, I guess the same thing will happen with the 4 remaining rings I got left.

So, what shall I do now? What type of rings should I get? Those things made of steel looks scary, don’t wanna get one of those.

And yes I know the English in this post is quite bad, I am tired and my English gets even worse then usual then.

You know you’re addicted to pe when…. Haha.

Same thing happened to me but with a clamp a while back. I believe you can extend the life of most latex with glycerine soap if that helps. I really hate those cheap cock rings anyways, they never last long enough for anyone. You could always try a leather cock ring or a latex sleeve and a clamp if you’re ready.

Hehe ye.

Maybe I should try a leather one. I don’t know where to find a good clamp so when I clamp I use really tight rubberband and many of them but that want work as a cock ring, to much trouble getting them on and off.

You wearing it for fucking or for girthing?

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Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
You know you’re addicted to pe when.. Haha.


If you are willing to pay $15.75 plus about $8 in shipping you can get a top quality medically approved Ericaid Band tension ring at They are intended for people who need to pump in order to get an erection and retain it with tight constriction.

For fun and recreation, I recommend the beaded silicone cock ring at

Originally Posted by joe_smith
Silicon rings are a joke. Give me ametsl only anyday. A propper fitting metal cock ring is the best IMO.

I agree with you Joe. Just find the right size, and you’ll soon become addicted, like me.
You’ll just have to find a slightly bigger one in the next 6-8 months, as your unit will get thicker …!

Originally Posted by androNYC
You wearing it for fucking or for girthing?

For fucking.

I’m that case go for a neoprene snap cock ring for about $15-$20.

The 5 rings I bought seems to work fine as all day dock rings but for fucking they brake. The site I bought them from said I will get a new ring. I payed about 27 dollars for the rings so I should get a good one.

So what’s the difference between the all day ring and the fucking ring. Maybe it’s the heat that causes them to weaken and snap.

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
So what’s the difference between the all day ring and the fucking ring. Maybe it’s the heat that causes them to weaken and snap.

When I use them as an all day ring I don’t have an erection, when I use them for sex I have an erection and then I gets really tight and it snaps. I guess it’s just to small, even thou it’s made of silicon and should fits all sizes - crap quality, but works fine as all days rings so I can use them for that and get something better for sex.

I’ve had some silicone ones that have lasted quite a long time from Adam and Eve, used for fucking. They often have deals to get half off and free shipping, just google for A&E and coupon codes. What’s your girth?

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