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Confounded tunica

Confounded tunica

I just don’t see how this penis tissue is so damn tough! I think my neck would have a better chance of being stretched!

I have been evaluating the tension on my unit with a manual stretch vs. Hanger. It seems the stretch I’m getting from the hanger is mainly from the skin pull. I use the Captn’s Wench; it’s a brilliant device, but is it actually stretching the inner penis tissue with significant force? Maybe I should go back to manual stretches.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

This brings about an idea. If any of you are familiar with woodland adventures and have ever used a blade, then this might make sense. I have cut small trees with the blade only to have a nagging strip of green wood still holding the tree together. Sometime you can’t get a solid block to lay the strip on to cut it, so you try to manually remove the strip by pulling it. Try as yo might, you cannot pull it loose, but if you twist it, it will come off with ease.

Perhaps very light twisting could stretch and weaken the tougher than steel tunica?

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

Hey thanks for the link andre1996; it was and interesting read.

Anyone made any gains from this type of stretch? My logic may be flawed comparing the dick to a tree, but it makes sense to me. (Maybe I’m crazy.)

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

No problem Starter. Have you ever checked Mr.Orange’s thread that led to what was named the O-bends? It seems like it might play into your thoughts of applying force from other directions along with the outward type pull from hanging.

By the way, who is that in your avatar?

I remember seeing a video with Dr. Ava Cadell, the “sexpert”, giving advice on a better method for masturbating. It was a stroking motion similar to the palm down wet jelq with a twist, literally. She demonstrated by stroking a dildo and gradually twisting it as she did so. What surprised me was that she actually said that masturbating like that could make a mans penis bigger. That was what caused me to look into PE and eventually led me here. Thank god for that woman. She’s a bit of a milf as well.

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Interesting. I can see it being a ligament stretcher.

If you have them, I really need answers.

I really want to get into hanging, (I have the Captn’s Wench).

Not matter how tight I get it, it seems the the stretch feeling I’m getting is just the skin from my pubic bone being pulled up; if this is true, no wonder my gains have halted. It’s so hard to tell if my tunica is getting stretched.

Is it normal to have the skin pulled up like that?

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

I haven’t gotten into hanging myself yet, but if/when I do, I’m opting for a vacuum hanger. Then again, I’m uncut so that’s pretty much a given.

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Starter7777 - I merged your new thread on this subject into the old one. Please do not start new threads on a subject when you already have one going. Thanks.

Sorry, just frustrated.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

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