Confusion over olive oil and it's DHT Blocking effect

Doing a quick search on “Olive Oil” brings up a few threads/posts where people have expressed concern about using Olive Oil for PE and it might be bad for penile growth.

Olive Oil, Not Just For PE Anymore
Olive Oil As Lube Regarding DHT-blocking

It’s commonly thought among quite a few members that Olive Oil will block DHT in the penis and inhibit growth. Well according to the study provided, the androgen receptors in the penis are turned off after puberty and so T and DHT will have no affect on penile growth:

…For penile growth, both testosterone and DHT
are required. However, the androgen receptor (AR) in
the penis will disappear after puberty and testosterone
suppletion in adults will not result in extra penile
growth [1]…

And this makes sense otherwise all the members who experimented with DHT supplementation for the sole purpose of making their dick grow faster would have had great success.

Even one of the biggest members here has always used Olive Oil and has had results that many of us envy:

Originally Posted by Titleist
All I use for jelqing and body massage is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It stays slippery for a long time and he clean up is easy.

Personally, I don’t see any harm or hindrance in using olive oil for PE. If anything I’d say it’s probably one of the best to use. (I’ve also attached the PDF directly to this post)

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