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Curved penis

Curved penis


My weiner has an upward curve, and my girl likes that very much. I was wondering if pumping and jelqing can correct my curvature, because I want it bigger, but still curved. I like the shape, and I don’t really want to correct it while pumping or jelqing.

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Ha, you’re in luck: Most guys who have tried to correct their curves with PE have had limited success :D If you start to lose some of your upward curve via pumping or jelqing, it will happen slowly enough that you’ll know what to back off of before you’re totally “straightened out.” penis will there any other way to continue PE without correcting my curvature? I don’t want it straightened out.not even a little bit!

7.1 x 5.1 and growing! Final goal: seeking celebrity:) ) 8x6

Well, what I’m meaning to say is that many guys experience no curvature correction at all, even when they are aiming for that. So don’t worry about it for now. Just PE and see what happens. It’s possible that PE will even make your curve more severe (it happens to some).

My penis curves to the left, how do I correct it?

I have an upward curve (which I also like) and I doubt pumping is doing anything to my curve. I usually go in the cylinder 50-80% hard and I get great expansion. If I go into the cylinder with a really great, super hard erection, then I can feel it pressing against my curve. If the pressure is high enough it will hurt. I get better expansion going into the cylinder semi erect anyways, so it works out great for me. I wouldn’t worry about it straightening raoul.


Go to the top right hand corner of the page. Click the “search” button, then click advanced search. Search by title with either “correct curvature” or “correct curve”, you will get a ton of previous threads.

I wish I was straight as an arrow!! I will post my 2 month update with pics in a couple days, I have a slight curve.

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Be curved and proud of it! Well I am at any rate and I tell myself it’s not necessarily a bad thing - a view which my sexual partners until now have (seemingly) agreed with.

I read somewhere on this site once that lots of guys have a downward curve. That’s got to be a challenge.

I’m really glad that mine is up, just like a sex toy, but without the plastic red feel. Just to be sure it stays, I jelq with a curve, which seems actually to have made it curve up even a little more. My wife seems to have noticed, and appreciates it.

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