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Dà Yīn Jīng Do Kung Fu


After Fridays workout I took the weekend off to rest and relax and research a little more on ancient practices of energy manipulation throughout the body.

This morning I woke up and made a perfect cup of green tea with lemon and a 5g of bcaas then went attempted my daily stretch and accupressure routine flowed by a hand massage. I’m not too sure about some of the techniques in the book but a light stretch and palm rubbing felt great first thing in the morning.

Before I started my routine I was feeling a bit weak so after a whey and carrot juice smoothy I was raring to go. I first attempted sitting up right and naked on my new stool with my business dangling over the edge in the rays of an it lamp. A little uncomfortable at first but my back was forgiving.

On to my routine which consisted of pumping 10min at 5hg, 100 high EQ wet jelqs and 100 head jelqs, 5min more pumping, 10 min clamping with the clamp secured by a shoe string waist strap, and 10 more mn of clamping. I know it’s a lot but for some reason I just felt bored with the old routine and thought I could handle a little more with more rest.

Now my thoughts have focused on some sort of kilt like garment to be worn that will cover up easily should any one come barging in the room but I would prefer not to go shopping in the womens department for such clothing to meet my pe needs. I have also thought heavily about weight lifting or martial arts forearm wraps to prefer tendonitis or sprains from manual pe but I wonder if that would hinder grip strength in the future.

This morning I finally finished the second half of monday’s routine. The delay was due in part to lower back spasms and lack of sleep over a two day period, but at least with my program all I have to do is finish two more pe workout days then I get a whole week off.

Before I went about my routine I should include that I had a cup of decaf coffee with almond milk and a half scoop of protein powder.

Today’s (Monday 2nd half) went as follows:
10 min IR warm up
Light stretches and pressure point massage
10 min pump @ 5hg
Still not ready so…
10 min pump @ 5hg
High EQ wet jelqs 30,25,20
*Superset with*
High EQ head jelqs 30,25,20

Unfortunately while edging to try and attempt my last sets of jelqs I pushed it past the PONR. I tried the trick where you roll your eyes back an press your young against your pallet but this just made me shoot like Peter North. So I sat back and enjoyed a cup of carrot juice while waiting for my second wind.

30 min later…
I finished with
10 min pump @ 5hg
Wet jelqs 15, Head jelqs 15
Clamp 10 min

This brings today’s total to:
30min pumping @ 5hg
90 wet jelqs
90 head jelqs
10 min clamping

After thoughts:
This may not seem like a lot for a vet but remember this is just half of what I do three days a week. I am thinking of adding in something else but with the clamping and pumping it is already a lot of stress. Maybe next week with my pe time off I will work on kegeling with light weights and breathing/visualization techniques. So far all in my pe workout wardrobe is a sleeveless Haines shirt, but what I really want to find is some sort of light weight kilt like the guys wear in the jui jui shen gong videos while pulling a bus. You know so you can tuck and cover when the spouse discovered your hobby. I’ve considered just using a towel but I prefer the idea of light weight and breathable. No luck yet on finding cheap adjustable wrist wraps for jelqing.

Now I’m off to get a hot&cold shower and brush my teeth before bed.

Just remembered this site I found awhile ago you might find it interesting.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

Today’s I finished my routine even though my rhomboid is still giving me trouble. I can’t help but feel I may have overworked myself. So insteading of quitting it short Im considering finishing up my last day and a half of girth work with more time off inbetween. Then i can take it easy for a week or two and relax and enjoy the Bad-Freakin-Ass gains I made in 15 weeks. 1/4 inch gains from head to above the base in 45 min 3X week.

After I finish I will compile all my notes and experience to create an advanced girth routine for all of you who have graduated from the newbie routine. 3-6 four week sessions with a week off in between. No special diet or potions necessary just special dietary timing rules and guidelines.

10 min pump @ 5hg
High EQ wet jelqs/head jelqs
30,25,20 of each
5 min pump @ 5hg
5 min clamp

New 30 min routine!

5min pump @ 7hg
Head jelqs/
High EQ wet jelq supersets 20,15,10,5 for both
5min pump @ 7hg
10 min clamp

One of two routines for morning and night.

I finished the second routine which was one quarter of the amount I did the last few weeks. I have to say I managed to start and finish in about thirty minutes without getting caught this time. My EQ today has never been better after my shorter sessions. I feel like I can go for a marathon of sex.

I’m still working on minimal routines with what I have. Next month I start sectional jelqs again and an experimental exercise that replaces pumping. Clamping will be cycled off completely.

Today I thought I would research a few actor workout routines and then get something done before I go workout later.
I decided to try something I have been thinking about for a while, clamped crunches with a strong kegel at the end. I managed to perform five sets of twenty with a twenty count stomach push out and exhale then an inhalation and kegel in between followed briefly by a ten minute pumping session at 6-7hg.

There were a few time I did almost lose my erection but I found that when I took my time and monitored my breath and lactic acid level(which kills erections) I got harder and harder. This was not a go for the burn workout but more of a general conditioning routine.

After thoughts:
I know hundreds of military crunches are not the best for general strength and a six pack. So what I am thinking about is more of a jack knife sit up with extended arms holding a weight, over a small exercise ball or foam roller. I would like to incorporate this into my general pe routines to prevent the “pleasure over pain” laziness that some of the feel good hormones released during pe cause. So I need to find a way to work out the core for spinal conditioning with the minimal amount that won’t absolutely destroy my erection at the same time.

Took an ice cold then hot shower and was feeling pretty Randy so…
I did a light session of pe again,

Slow head jelqs-20,15,19,5
Slow high EQ wet jelqs-20,15,10,5
Pumping 10 min @ 7hg

50 2-3 sec jelqs may not feel like much but my focus is to stop when my erection grows weaker instead of over stressin myself and losing potential EQ the next day.

I feel much less stressed than before when I did 45-60 min of hard core pe.
Later on after a lactic acid resistance training work out I may do another 30 min then take tomorrow of or do something light like edging or low hg pumping to clear up any clots.

I’m definitely onto something with these quicker, less stressful, and more discrete routines.

I feel like 7hg is to much of a vac.

It is a bit extreme but I was not feeling a good stretch with 5hg anymore. Even this is just temporary for this week because I cycle off and on full wet jelqs, clamping, and pumping so A) I don’t get bored, and B) My growth won’t stagnate. So far so good.
I don’t see any thing wrong with it so long as I don’t end up with bruises and a pump donut. In fact I structure pe so that I never get bruises or stretch marks ever again.

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