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Dà Yīn Jīng Do Kung Fu


Dà Yīn Jīng Do Kung Fu

So there I was in Half Price Books down the road where I live looking for some prep study guides for college. After I got what I think I needed I browsed our favorite little taboo section of the book store, SEX and PORN. The only problem is that I couldnt find what I was looking for an advanced book that deals with penis enlargement that doesn’t prescribe the same old same old jelq this stretch that and look at this statue with an erection or African tribe with disked lip piercings, or the classic “old doctor says it’s dangerous and does not work”.
I ended up getting a few books on advanced bodybuilding with a more scientific approach and a book on the tao of health,sex, and longevity which is pretty interesting so far. Can’t wait to get to the parts on qigong and sex.

My question to you guys here is have you read any advanced pe literature (besides this glorious site thunder has created for us),and if not what would draw you to reading a book on pe?

I ask because it has been my dream for years to write a book that dives deeper into pe than just the stretch,jelq,kegel, and warm down books that seem to be flooding the “for dummies” market out there. After reading up a bit on eastern philosophies I realize that these people had something going as far as balancing energy within and around us where as the main pe philosophy is either to beat it up and concur the penis and then rest or add in obscure and redundant exercises one after another the way an artist clashes color on a canvas.

Clearly there has to be a better way, a way to maintain the balancing act between mind,body,sex and relationships, school or work, and spirit. As I dig deeper into the eastern philosophies I am more and more curious about the Tao or enlightment for lack of a better term, which involves balancing oneself with the universe and realizing that we are just a small part of the machine.

Taking this thought I began to ponder up a way to balance life in with all aspect and pe. Enhancing oneself for the purpose of being larger and not desiring to be larger in order to achieve all that we are owed in this universe. For right now I jokingly call my uprising philosophy “Dà yīn jīng do kung fu” which loosely leans in mandarin Chinese “the way of mastering the big penis”, not to be confused with the martial arts as “kung fu” literaly translates to “man’s mastery of something”,thank you online translators.

I will keep this thread up and open for debate as I develop my ideas with you guys. So if you want to share your thoughts or just call it cock and bull all posts are welcome.

I completed the second routine for the day after a long wait. I just had to have that Irish creme java monster bad idea I know but I did get some good reading in. Anyways just 5-6 hours later I was ready once again. So after 2 shot glasses of monster for the energy and brain exciting dopamine activation and an orange for sustanance and hydration I was ready. This time I took up deep breathing and mental imagery of what I want to happen, I was picturing the energy in my body focusing in my penis.

This time I managed to accomplish three 10 min sets of pumping at around 5hg with two sets of 75 target head dry jelqs ALL WITH ALMOST NO PERSPIRATION. I did however get reddening skin on my chest, shoulders, and arms but I expect with practice this will lessen. I also had less of a desire to watch porn or ejaculate after my routine was done. I think I’m on the right path for some serious pe inovations.

In terms of reading a book, I’d want proof that a routine worked. In terms of what routine, one for girth, one for length, one for better erection, one using popular devices (pump air and water, extender, leg strap ADS, hanging), mention of thundersplace, myths of penis enlargement, warm up and cool down methods, etc.

And I love the Dà yīn jīng do kung fu if what you say it means in english is true, a wonder what you would need to achieve a black belt…..

In terms of Tao, isn’t it something along the lines that the written tao isn’t the real Tao, so explaining paths one can take, challenges one must overcome to achieve something like the Tao through sex and other things in life.

I remember reading about a stretch for your penis that required you to put it inbetween the soles of your feet and lightly pulling, a visual add that involves and meditation pillow and something to occupy your mind while you stretch. I’m in to the whole meditation and I think it would be great to add that, PE while I meditate. Like a modern yoga for your penis cause they use like foam pillows and other things to aid stretching.

Look into how lifestyles affect your penis, wearing underwear how bad is it?? Is it bad?? Noting eating your 5 vegetables or 5 fruits, like if your not getting the righht nutrients how does it affect your penis??

I remember finding a blog that mentioned PE wisualization and just the visualization made a difference, I might have the website somewhere but I know I have the podcast. From that I took a full body photo of me naked, edited my penis to make it bigger and put the 2 photos becide each other, I get motivated at the very least thinking about wielding a bigger penis.

Anyway, this has realy got me thinking. Thank you.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

Thank you for replying,
You make a good point about Toa as something that must be experienced like a religious or spiritual moment. I will have to choose my words carefully and probably study with toa religious groups. I would love to study qigong but there is a strong chance if you find anyone who practices this that they won’t let foreigners in on the experience. Although, as noted most often we take different roads but end up at the same place but with western medicine thousands of years late.

I have been thinking of making up a better term for penis enlargement for a while now something that could be said in mainstream conversation without someone listening in and ridiculing. I came upon the term for penis in Chinese “yīn Jīng” and thought either that or “Bo qi” (erection) sounded cool. I simply added the term “do” the way of, and “dà” (dai,day) for to make big along with Kung Fu for “ones mastery of” Kung means mastery and Fu means man, voilà.

You seriously want a black belt that bad? Well I guess I could incorporate something like that with colored leather cock rings ranging from white to black to sensei levels. I have heard that there are some MM masters that can snap their fingers and become rock hard on command. That definitely counts as incredible but I wonder how hard it would be to achieve. The question is how involved do we need people to get? Would an hour long routine 3 to 4 times a week or do guys expect to hang by their wangs suspended completely by bodyweight or doing sets of cock pushups. I guess I will see what this road takes me to but let’s never forget the method behind the madness, “To harness our sexual energy for good”.

I know some people may say I have lost my mind, true, but you can’t tell me that there is no connection between the body as a whole and penis enlargement. Now I don’t want to turn guys into jelqing hippies with nothing better to do than quote confuscous. My goal instead is to draw attention to how the mind and body and penis share the same chemicals and energies through eastern medicine and scientific evidence to help guys out with our pe renaissance.

I have some great girth programs that I am still working with that I would be happy to include in the book. I have experience with pumps, cock rings, clamps, all of which I feel comfortable giving advice with except stretching and ADS. I honestly can’t remember my last stretching routine or weight hanging that didn’t leave me bruised for a day or so. That’s why I love this place, no matter what somebody has tried it and has the experience.

If anything I want to add a specialized workout that will allow guys to get bigger erections and get in shape at the same time. If I can develop that and test my methods for maybe ten years or so, then maybe I can think about opening a dojo ;)

As far as references sites go those are not bad but not really that useful. Citations and further explanations are severly lacking although this did give me an idea.

For a while now I have been trying to think of a way to join together abdominal moves and kegels. Just a quick experiment provided by pavel tsatsouline demonstrates how crush strength improves when breathing,abdominal tightening, and upper body contraction join together. Adding Kegels feels to me like it contracts the lower abs just a little more which is enough for me to want to experiment.

I wouldn’t necessarily want to attempt any erect exercises because of the counteracting demands on blood flow between the abs and penis. I imagine I could attempt stretching with weights or elastic cords while leveling at the peak of contraction for either crunches or leg raises but there is just so much more that can be expanded upon.

I just completed my light pe workout for today consisting of 3x10 min @ 5hg with 150 slow wet jelqs, I know it spent sound like much but the way I do it wears me out. To wrap things up I finished with 15 min of wrapped clamping pulled by taught string around my neck. Finally I found a way to clamp without it digging into my scrotum or groin which aches for a while.

My only problem is that I can never finish my hour long routine without interruption. I’m thinking that maybe I need to go back to design and find what the minimal effort would be because a simple 45-60 min routine can easily turn into a two to even three hour routine with constant interruptions and BS. I’m betting I could get some of the same results in 20-30min once a day if I maximize all factors having to do with lasting growth.

On a positive note:
I found out how to keep from getting the infamous low blood pressure and general fatigued feeling that comes after pe. It’s simple, DO NOT ALLOW ORGASM! No not orgasm in the sense of the sensation we know as ejacation+orgasm, but rather the point just below the point of no return where the smaller orgasms build and build releasing more feel good endorphins and tryptophan. Tryptophan is the sedative released after orgasm that causes sleepiness. Ergo no microgasims no sleepiness or crash.
I feel much more energized now after a good pe session that in any previous weeks before.

In terms of an erection exercise, I’ve found that getting a really hard erection pushing on the glans or just down so that you create some resisitance (depending on your angle get it as close to parralel with the ground without pain) and performa kegal. I find my glans after doing a few of these twice a day are slightly bigger when erect.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

Thanks for the compliment Sta-cool,
Today I decided to capitalize on doing more in less time which worked surprisingly well.
Ten min of pumping wrapped in a heating pad while contracting the pc muscle the whole time,then 75 full wet jelqs at higher EQ superset with 75 head dry jelqs both in my secret repetition scheme, finally closing with tension wrapped clamping for 10 min. About 30 min total and I felt a great expansion and was still able to get hard.

30 min later I was still feeling the sexual buzz so I attempted my hold routine with some added sets to work the head and midhead more, which has always been my lagging feature. Unfortunately I popped my cork before inwas able to finish to I had to perform the rest in the shower by trapping the blood in with one hand and perform the holds with less rest.

Depending on how I feel later I may try another 30 routine in a similar fashion.

This time there was much less inflammation and absolutely no pain after my session. I took an icy cold shower immediately after to facilitate both fat burning properties and anti-inflammatory effects for reasons I have already mentioned above. Once the shivering subsided it felt absolutely amazing, the the deleria set in and I started singing “it’s a small world”. That’s isn’t a joke I actually sang this once I saw my penis shrink under the cold water.

I will keep up my reading and research but I guess I am just days or weeks away from a pe break through.

I took a nap for a few hours only to wake up to intense pressure on my bladder. After reproving myself and a frigid cold shower I decided to try the same pe workout as earlier today making my routine 2x a day 3x a week for 30 min each. I feel confident sharing my routine so here it is a follows.

10min pump and kegel squeeze @ 5hg with heating pad on med
*starting @ 10hg for a three second count then pressure is bled to just above 5hg for the rest of the time.

Slow 2-4 sec wet jelqs at 70-80% EQ
*rep scheme is 25,20,15,10,5 each with up to 30 sec rest before super setting with the next exercise. Very important! Before each rep make sure to do a light jelq and pull the skin forewords toward the head and kegel hard, this allows for the area closest to the pelvic bone to be worked as much as other areas. Once you pass an inch or so from th has relax your of muscle and maintain the same pressure the close ou get he head, ie don’t get sloppy with your jelqs.


Slow 2-4 sec head dry jelqs at 60-70% EQ
*rep scheme is exactly the same as above exclt the only difference is that one hand holds back the foreskin at the base and the movement is done without sliding. Be careful with this exercise as friction around the soft inner skin and head can cause microtears and severe inflammation.

10 min Wrapped suspended clamping
* his is the coup d’état to finishing any advanced girth session with a good stretch. I start by “X” wrapping tennis grip tape as close as I can get to the base as possible then make a few parallel laps. I have experimented with several lengths but I find 18” to be just perfect. Next I stretch a piece of a masturbation sleeve about 1” wide with a 1/4” groove cut down the parallel middle to allow for comfort from the clamp and to prevent slippage. Finally I slap on the clamp and make a few clicks. From then on it’s just kegel and click until I feel a slight pain, once that feeling goes awy I start the timer on my at h for ten min and suspend my erection in free air with a necklace of a long boot shoelace ties to the clamp this prevents the hinge of th clamp from digging into my scrotum.

There you have it! This is my routine for this month which changes every week but only very little from rest to reps.

I have been experimenting with a pumpless variation but that is still in the works. I will post about it later this week.

Workout yesterday was the same as above.
This time it was harder to get the same rep count without losing pressure in the glans.

Its only been one week of my two 30min routines MWF but so far I have had less aches and have had more erections throughout the day that with my old hour long routines. Using heat then ice and cold water immediately after my routines has helped me heal quicker than heat alone has in the past ten years.

I just went to Half Price Books again to return the wrong copy of “The Art of War” for the origional by Sun-Tzu. While I was there I tried once again in vain to find a book on Qigong, but nada. Finally I found a book called, “Accupressure For Lovers” which has some of the exercises from the qigong iron penis video(the one in Chinese with heavy censorship). Just skipping through it tonight the book does give some valid explanations to some of the problems we face with pe such as heavy perspiration and heart palpitations woth breathing an pressure point remedies. I will have to give these exercises a try within the next few weeks and report back.

In terms of the podcast I mentioned earlier,…nlargement.html is the website for it. Right click on podcast and save. Don’t do what I did and click on it with sound right up and have a panic attack do to stopping it just before she says Penis enlargement with your family in the next room.

Current routine - LG Hanger, 1 to 1.5hrs a day.

17-04-2017 to 19-06-2017 - 60hrs of hanging.

I thank you for the podcast 256635, but she didn’t seem to introduce any ideas or pracices that haven’t already been explore here on TP. It was like a BBC news broadcast followed by the music of Dany Elfman.


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