. Well it has been a while since I have edged. I decided to clamp edge for 15 minutes for EQ and etc after 6 minutes of jelqing. I decided not to clamp down all the way this time and “grow” into the clamp. This was my best edgeing session EVER. I came close to PONR three times, and my CS filled right up and my whole unit was “huge” throbbing hard(pain free) and veiny. Im not sure if the overall “bigness” was from doing just jelqing for the past month allowing proper blood flow but I have never had my CS and glans get filled up like this. If only it would properly fill up during normal erections, my erected unit would be “huge” to me at least. Great hour post hang too. I might just buy a lasso cock ring , yall think it would help the CS for sex?

8-2015 Started- Rock hard 6.5bpel" /6"nbpel x4.25 MEG". Current- 7.25-7.5bpel" x 4.6 base/ shaft girth!!! GOAL- 7.5bpel x 5" MEG/ 5.25"BEG