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Desperately want flaccid length...


Desperately want flaccid length...

First off, I would like to mention that I am very greatful for being an easy erect length gainer. Don’t get me wrong I no some people would kill to be getting gains like I am, but my new goal as of now is to have a 6 inch flaccid. Sence starting P.E. I have gained an even 1.25 inches in erect length, and .5 inches in flaccid length. I’ve been peing for about 6 months, but one of those months was inconsistant. So I have gained about a quarter of an inch every month just by doing the newbie routine and adding time to jelqing and stretching. I am now at 30 minutes of jelqing at low erection levels, and 15 minutes of manual stretching. I do fowfers a little bit, and I wear an ace wrap for at least an hour after my sessions, or fowfer one hour after sessions. So I don’t understand why I am not gaining flaccid length.

As of now My BPEL is 8.25 NBPEL 7.75 my MSEG is 5.6 and my flaccid length is 4.75 with a girth of 5. Its so girthy it makes it look way smaller than the near 5 inches it is. I also don’t like the wrinkles i have from the excess skin and hope to fill those in. I’m going to start doing night fowfers and see what happends. If anyone has any suggestions I really need them.

August 4 2007 NBPEL:6.5 EG:5.25 FL:4.25 BP:7

Now NBPEL:8 EG:5.5 FL:5 BP:8.5

This is the best I found:

Click here

Start Dec 10 \'07: BPEL 6 2/16" | EG 5 1/4"

Feb 4: BPEL 6 11/16" | EG 5 2/4"

Short Term Goal: BPEL 7" | EG 5 3/4" Long Term Goal: BPEL 7 3/4 - 8" | EG 6"

One word: fowfers.

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AOM's training log

Check out the Stevie’s favorites thread in the newbie forum for the threads on wrapping too.


If you have the money try the static stretcher it seemed to help mine a lot.


Hmmm, should I tell him?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I’m defantly going to do alot more fowfers.

I’m gonna check that thread out right now size , thanks for directing me to it.

Right now im just gonna stick with manual P.E. , but I’ve heard alot of good things about the static stretcher.

August 4 2007 NBPEL:6.5 EG:5.25 FL:4.25 BP:7

Now NBPEL:8 EG:5.5 FL:5 BP:8.5

Considering that you have only being PEing for 6 months, it may take time for your flaccid gains to catch up with your erect. I am close to your length and at times have a great flaccid, but because of my girth sometimes I feel that it looks much shorter than it really is. Just an optical illusion, or body dysmorphia I suppose.

Fantastic gains anyway!


Nice gains right there, that’s the size i’m shooting for in the short term man! 8.25BP.

As for your flaccid, i’m sure things going to get better for you soon. I know the importance of a good flaccid hang, thank god mine has improved over the last couple of months. Think fowfer and ads

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Before : 16cm *Now: NBPEL 7.91" (20.1 cm) x EG 5.9" as of 19-Mar-2008 New Short Term Goal : 21 cm

Back! El Presidente FrankWhite :moon2: 8 is NOT enuff Retirement from PE @ 22cm :!:

I hear you. My case is even better or worse than you. My NBP flaccid length is only 4.5” while my NBPEL is 8.1”

Anyway, I don’t worry about it, except in the event of first time sex with a girl. In that case, I get full erection cowardly in bathroom before I expose my tool to her. Next time I easily show off my puny flaccid state bravely to her, for I know I am a big boy to her whatever my flaccid size is. Besides, my experience says girls enjoy watching a cock growing greatly in size.

Asonman you are a grower thats for sure!

A 4.5 inch flaccid is not small at all, they will just be plesently suprised :) . However, a nice 6 inch flaccid would be nice. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts. I hope my flaccid will catch up…

August 4 2007 NBPEL:6.5 EG:5.25 FL:4.25 BP:7

Now NBPEL:8 EG:5.5 FL:5 BP:8.5

fowfers and ads will help you. over time the gains will even out

Unless you start having sex flaccid, don’t worry about it. Keep gaining erect length…

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