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Digit Ratios, Testosterone, etc.

Digit Ratios, Testosterone, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of threads on here that seek to find correlations between hand/foot size, or height, and penis size. I’ve never thought there was much to any of that, but there IS a ratio (known for some time) that can be indicative of a number of different traits.

Digit Ratios (“2D:4D”) as a means of revealing the levels of testosterone during your 1st trimester of life has been known for a while. Initially, it met with much skepticism, but over time it has gained a bit of respectability.

Generally speaking, the average man’s 2D:4D is about 0.98; the average woman’s is about 1.00.

They’ve been able to trace a number of qualities, gifts, characteristics, etc. - even fertility, sexual habits, etc. Although when one gets more to orientation, there’s more controversy.

In short, check out these links….

Digit ratio (Wiki)


Sex hormones and finger length / What does 2D:4D indicate? (PDF)

Finger length ratio (2D:4D) correlates with physical aggression in men but not in women (PDF)

Digit Ratio: A Pointer to Fertility, Behavior and Health by John T. Manning (NJ: Rutgers University Press 2002)

By the way, I’m about 0.96 - for what its worth. According to the theory, I do show aggression, I was considered physically strong, and with decent athletic ability.
However, I never showed any musical aptitude; but I’m certain I do have a form of autism.
And while I’m predominantly right-handed, I can do a lot with my left hand: throw a ball, write (slowly), draw, use a fork or spoon, etc.
They would also claim that one with my ratio is more likely to, um, “look at love from both sides.” Like I said, they weren’t accurate about my so-called “musical ability” either.

What I forgot to add was that I’ve read here, in the past, something about one’s penis size being determined by the levels of testosterone to which a developing fetus was exposed. I don’t know if that was speculation or whether somebody actually read that in a scholarly paper.

Well, it IS accepted that “2D:4D” IS an indicator of fetal testosterone levels. And while various studies have looked at (male) aggression, athletic ability, musical ability, autism, sexual drives, frequencies of partners, even fertility, I haven’t found any that refer to penis size.

It seems the damn “size” question is always taboo (unless of course it’s to reassure than if you have 4.5” EL you are wonderfully, perfectly “normal”).

Virtually the only scientific papers I’ve ever found about the penis are merely about anatomy or treatment of pathologies, injuries, etc.

While I still believe that my hypothesis/theory of F:E is a respectable indicator of enlargement potential/speed, I wonder if “2D:4D” might correlate to natural penis size.

Might be cool for somebody to throw together a dB for Thunder’s. In addition to expected stats (flaccid & erect length & girth), maybe an additional field for “2D:4D.”

Does anyone know the relation between the size of the adam’s apple and testosterone? I couldn’t find a thread after searching.

Awh this thread looks so interesting. But I think it’s going to be yet another I bookmark for later and probably never really get around to reading it in depth.

Look the poll on my signature.

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