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Does a curvature correction master thread exist?

Does a curvature correction master thread exist?

If not there should be one I believe. Not only would it include methods of correcting left, right and down curves, it would also provide methods for gaining an upward curve which seems to be highly desired. This type of thread would simply create an amalgam of success stories accompanied by methods used to correct the curvature. I’m sure this niche of people exists on Thunder’s but unfortunately there seems to be little to no concrete methods provided here.

Would anyone be willing to start one or help me start such a thread if it does not exist?

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used or is using any extender traction device? The reason I am looking into this is because I have been reading that it can significantly reduce penis curvature. I have a very pronounced upward curvature that doesn’t allow me to do certain positions during sex, hence why I’d like to decrease it a bit. If anyone has any experience in the area it would be most appreciated. I’ve tried researching online but most of the stuff that comes up are websites that advertise and sell devices, so it’s hard to find any reliable information. Thanks!

I have read about Dr. Levine in Chicago. I live overseas and it would be very expensive for me to go see him. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to do this at the moment. If someone has gone with him, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share some input with me about what he instructs for traction and how closely does he monitors you?
.. I’ve read many good things about the x4labs, does anyone have any success story with this device? Thanks!

The vets who have been able to resolve the situation are mostly suggesting to do exercises against the curve, like jelq and bend.

I have tried almost everything. The only method that gave me results (I was reaching 20 degrees; unfortunately temporarily) was extreme pumping : 2,5 minutes at 10 HG, 2,5 minutes at 12,5 HG, 2,5 minutes at 15 HG, 2,5 minutes at 21 HG. Every day.

Maybe the pump can help on the long term. A guy of TP has straighten his cock with this tool last year. He was doing 3x20 minutes at 5 HG if I remember well.

Otherwise, add length and width, it will decrease the visualization effect.

2010.04 : 15.9 x 13.8 | 24,0° [BPEL x MSEG, in cm | left curvature]

2012.04 : 19.2 x 15.9 | 21,3°

2015.05 : 20.3 x 16.3 | 24.3° Progress log - Pictures

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