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Drop in Blood Pressure After PE

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Have you notices a drop in blood pressure after PE?

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Never occured to me

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Drop in Blood Pressure After PE

Has anyone else noticed a sudden drop in blood pressure after PE. Common symptoms include a drop in heart rate, tiredness even without ejaculation, and iritability. All of these symptoms don’t last long just for up to an hour after a vigorous PE session.

I have never noticed anything like it. Since PE can be a somewhat exhausting activity (especially since you said, hat your sessions could become vigorous) - do you get these symptoms after e.g. a walk or climbing stairs, too?

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No I haven’t even though I am far less active now than a few months ago. I first noticed the symptoms last week after a vigorous pump,clamp,and head girth routine first thing after I woke up. I tried eating a small meal after and still felt sleepy for about an hour.
I just finished a similar routine before writing this post and feel it right now. I have been studying hormonal and endorphin processes online and still haven’t fount the reason. Taking a wild guess I think it may be a crash from an adrinalin rush from a vigorous routine that teeters on the brink of pain. So far it only lasts about an hour and then I start to feel better….OMG it’s NO2 effects on the blood vessels wearing off due to PDE5 and similar hormones. I know the exact feeling from supplementing with arginine with workouts.

I do supplement with a gram of arginine and a gram of Horney goat weed with my secret stack before PE so that may be the reason but other causes can be from NO2 releasing from skeletal muscle fast twitch muscle fibers. Thank you!

I doubt you could engage fast twitch muscle fibres while doing PE! I’ve never noticed a BP drop from PE. Try it without your secret stack for a while and I’m guessing the problem will go away.

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