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Elusive newbie gains


Elusive newbie gains

I never really had what you would call newbie gains, I didn’t gain anything for several months, how many others went through this? Also, if you did, did you ever reach a point equivalent to newbie gains, like a year later? I’m just now starting to get noticeable gains and I started in February/ this is not a complaint thread, cause hell, I’m getting gains, I’m just wondering what could be the science behind why some experience newbie gains and some don’t? Are people who don’t get newbie gains less susceptible to future gains?

Hey Started,

I started in Feb also…No gains yet and I stick with it pretty well. I’m moved around every few months to try a little more than stretching and jelqing to try and get some result…I’m currently on a heating binge to see if wet or dry heat can help me to loosen up. There has to be something here to help get those newbie gains that we all here about…I think some of these newbie gains may have something to do with learning how to measure correctly and getting a stronger erection..

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Hmmm, that’s a tough one. The only other person I can recall that hasn’t had newbie gains is “Lost Guitar”, so I think we’d need input from a lot of people without newbie gains fisrt to see if we could find some commonalities to investigate.

I didn’t get gains for the first few months, but all I was doing was wet jelqing, though consistently. At some point I started doing fowfers (didn’t know about Thunder’s and I didn’t know them as fowfers—-I had read about it somewhere on the web) inconsistently. I now believe the addition of fowfers, even though inconsistent, combined with the jelqing, finally caused gains to kick in better. I no longer recall precisely when I first added fowfers, but I do recall seeing my first gain into my forth month of pe. Could have been with just jelqing or with fowfers also. I don’t think I was doing fowfers yet by the forth month. I’ve never kept records.

Well, I guess I can’t say I didn’t have them, but it was so little, just basically a volume increase, nothing like what some people report. Now that I’m using heat, they seem to be coming along, very little, but much more than before.

I’d day I’ve gained 1/2 inch in length since I started, but that was over the last couple of months. Not complaining, just curious about the whole deal/ maybe these could be my newbie gains?- belated of course.

I am about one month into pe and I didn’t see any gains, only stronger erections. I was going to measure in October but couldn’t help it and measured yesterday. I was doing 1 on 1 off with a cup warm-up 5x15 JAIs and 300 jelqs at various levels of erection. Now I am PEing more often, almost every day.

I did notice what maybe a change in stretched length. When standing against a wall, I can now stretch my penis just a little bit (.165”) past my belly button. Also my flaccid hang increased to about 5”, I can feel it, it gets cold more often now.

Now I am seriously thinking about hanging and getting a good heating pad.

Sparky, sounds like your flaccid stretch had gained ahead of your BPEL, maybe thats a sign of gains to come.

I think newbie gains partly come from believing in what your doing which is hard till you actually get the gains

Originally Posted by Balrog
Sparky, sounds like your flaccid stretch had gained ahead of your BPEL, maybe thats a sign of gains to come.
I think newbie gains partly come from believing in what your doing which is hard till you actually get the gains

It’s possible. I read a lot of posts on this forum and realized how much variation in terms of patterns of growth and response to various techniques is there and therefore there is a high chance that there is a technique (or its variation) that will work for me. All I have to do is to experiment. It might take time but, well, is there any other way?

I just tried heating the lig area with a rice sock while stretching. Tomorrow I will try it together with ice cooling. I plan to do it for 1 month and see what happens. But I can tell you now that stretching with heat feels different for sure - more stretchy I guess.

Starter, do you apply heat to ligs only, or you heat penis as well?

All encouraging, keep it up! Sorta speak.

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The one thing to remember is that every ones body is different. And I am totally sure that even though that you might do the exact same exercises as another but they might stretch it harder and further or at a different angle or whatever the case may be. Which could influence gains.

No newbie gains here either. Took me 3months to gain 0,5cm, 3 more months gave me 0,5cm more and then another 0,5cm in about 1 month. Now I have not seen much gain for about 2 months. Maybe 3mm. Will know for sure the 15th this month. For me it seems to come in spurts. Have me wondering if I need more recovery time or more stretch time. I have been doing 5 on 2 off consistently for about 8months now. 1,5cm does not seem like allot.


I am a newbie. I am just settling into a routine I feel comfortable with and am looking to expand it. I took some starting pics. I am a little intimidated about posting them. All the starting pics I have found on this site are guys with like 8”+ units. I don’t know why anyone would be looking to enlarge their stuff with a size like that. Sorry to gripe. I am just curious if there other guys out there with more modest goals. It just seems to me that if you are starting out with 8 and 1/2 inches, the road to nine is not a steep one. I am starting out with an average six inch-er and would be stoked if I could hit even 7”! I am sure that there are some people who feel the same way with a four inch-er wondering why I am complaining about six inches. Just curious.

This must be an old post of mine.

Try adding more exercises to your routine. Do plenty of kelgs. These have helped me get much harder and stronger erections! Good luck bro you can do it. Stay motivated.

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