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Exaggerating penis size perpetuates penis issues

Originally Posted by SirFoggy
Geez you sound like such a doosh.
Shut up!!!

Forum Guidelines !
Stop the namecalling. Forum Guidelines state “Debate the idea, don’t attack the poster.”

And we aim for a higher standard of discourse aruond here than “shut up”.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Being an intellectual myself I agree:)

But hey sometimes you just gotta say SHUT UP ya know?

And I didn’t actually call him a name I said he SOUNDS like a doosh:)

For example-There’s a difference between informing someone that they are ACTING like an asshole and actually calling them an asshole;)

“Debate the idea, don’t attack the poster.”
But jung did attack the poster and no one got on him for what he said.
His post is full of anger,outlandish assumptions and false caricaturisation of the OP.

“Why do you care? You’ve got 8.75”x6.5”.so.. Do you feel threatened that since it all comes down to numbers “on the internet” that those “liars” crowding their way up to your category make you seem less glorious? You need that margin of difference, “the middle class”, to be more accurately represented? Can’t have the peasants wearing knockoffs that look like the real thing; courtiers might just have to scramble ever upward to evade consonance with lesser beings.

What it smacks of most is that maybe jung was just in a bad mood/having a not so good day at best and petty jealousy at worst.
It’s a load of bullcrap regardless.

I think it best to measure in a period of three times in an hour on a day that no P.E. is done; and then taking the average as the current measurement.
As for people that lie or exaggerate their size I don’t care since I know what I got hanging.

The only reason it would be a concern for me was if somebody posted about a new miracle exercise that gave them said size and newbies penis’s across the world were beaten and broken.

Short-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: To Be Decided

Since I have an upward curve, and in erection it becomes very difficult to be measured straight, I do not really rely upon measures.
I do not publish mine on this site for the same reason; everytime I tried to get some they just seemed too inaccurate.

And, above all, I don’t really care about them.

Yeah and I measure 7.75 if I’m leaning back a bit but if I’m standing straight up I get like 7.25

So which is the true measurement?

Thought I’d reply to the charge of “douchebag”.

Here’s what the original post boils down to: “I’m huge but all the smaller guys are measuring incorrectly. This really bothers me and so I’m taking time out from banging girls with my gigantic cock to educate those ignorant doods out there about how to knock their inflated numbers down.”

We are left to infer why exactly Mr. King Dong is wasting his and our time with a concern that seems to befit someone of much smaller size that is still edging their way upward in that “above average but not huge” category; a weaker, still-striving self-esteem needing reassurance.

My point is that coming from someone with those numbers it sounds like flag-waving and attention-seeking.

Buck up, original poster, you don’t have to worry about crap like that! Frolic, copulate, be free from this unholy place!

To all that say they round down.

Yeah, and the rest.

Feb 2004 BPEL 6.7" NBPEL ???? BPFSL ???? EG 5.65" Feb 2005 BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 6.9" EG 5.8" Feb 2006 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.6" EG 5.85" Feb 2007 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.5" EG 5.9"

Originally Posted by jung
…be free from this unholy place!

How? PE is like an addiction.

Dudes putting up someone Else pic from somewhere else. Dicks that are not the owners.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I agree, If you are spitting out measurements and putting up pics they better well be fucking yours! Rounding up a 1/16 ok, rounding up a 1/4 you are dreaming. Don`t live in a fantasy, it is either working or not. It doesn`t matter if you measure from your asshole, just make sure you measure from your asshole EVERY time!

Numbers are not bragging rights, they are simply there to measure gains. I couldn’t give a shit if you dig the tape right in, straighten your dick out and use a piece of paper to get the measurement. So long as you do it consistently!

The point of putting up measurements isnt to show off, its to measure gains. The length and girth one finds is inconsequential when the entire point is finding gains, not genuine length or girth.

Originally Posted by SirFoggy
Geez you sound like such a doosh.
Shut up!!!

Please SF. No personal abuse allowed on the Forum
Criticise the post Not the poster


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