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Extreme JAI stretching


Originally Posted by Dicko7X5
Sounds strange that you didn’t gain from 7 hours a day hanging. So you hanged for 7 hours everyday for how many days and with what weight? Some people do very long sessions But they do the sessions only a couple of times a week.

Yeah, atmitidattly I hanged like that for only about 3 to 4 weeks and the weight if I can remember correctly was about the 12-10 lb range. I remember I would do it for most of the days of the week. I just wasn’t feeling much fatigue from it, I think I was varying the angles too much so I was hanging about half the time SO the other half SD or BTC. Maybe I should of did SU more or concentrated on one angle for the day. I also remember I did a expierment where I used a ADS for about 28 hours straight without going to sleep and that didn’t really lead to any gains. I bet if I could do that for like a couple days or a week there would be a gain. Don’t think I could stay up that long though, hehe.

Originally Posted by pudendum
I am also interested in the connective tissue side of this story. Your response supports the contention that deconditioning (long) allows for decreased collagen fiber thickness which should give greater ability to stretch and give a guy a chance for lengthening through collagen fiber lengthening.

I like the traditional JAI stretch because it gives a great stretch without active BC muscle kick-back (maybe the purest lig stretch). I had good response with it. My only question is by doing marathon sessions right out of the blocks, do you think that even with a very impressive length gain, you may be sacrificing much of your deconditioning fiber thinning. The shock of this very long 5 day regimen IMO would be a potent stimulus for fiber width growth as well. What do you guys think?

A deconditioning break of as much of a month may be beneficial here. Will the long break keep fiber diameter growth to a minimum? It will be interesting if you feel a subjective difference in resistance to the JAI stretch (as it is all ligament without other influences) when you start again. Do you think that light to moderate ADS throughout this week and through a period of the break (maybe a week) may influence the elongation accomplishments and minimize potential fiber width gains?

That’s what I’m worried about pudendum. Will my dick become tougher because I’m letting it heal from so much work right off a decon break. Hopefully the answer is no or maybe sligltly tougher which I can counter with doing about a hour or half hour a day more of this type of JAI stretching I would think.

I think a light ADS might help. But I’m worried that the healing process will take longer because my dick is stretched out. BIB pointed out that he thinks the indication of soreness/fatigue during hanging is the sign that healing is taking place. The only reason I don’t completly believe that is because I’ve been through that. I would hardly ever let my dick heal/rest before when I was hanging, everyday I would be using a ADS or hanging.

One sign I will look for when I begin again to do this type of stretching is if after about a half hour to a hour if my dick becomes pliable/stretchy again. To me that was a positive PI meaning certain tissues in penis where being stretched in a special way. That’s why after I got that feeling I would continue stretching for a hour or more after that.

Originally Posted by marinera
I am interested in this routine because the effects of the cyclic stretch on connective tissue: basically, it seems that cyclic stretch weakens the collagenous tissue acting like a sum of ‘cracks’ - so a different mechanism than ‘creeping’, the mechanism on which traditional, long or medium lasting hanging/stretching sets relies.

It could makes sense that, once, the tissue is weakened (not to the point to cause an appreciable damage, anyway), some medium or long lasting sets could take advantage of this situation, allowing for more extension. So ideally : a number of repeated, short cyclic stretches, than 1-2 sets of hanging, than wearing an extender for some hours.

Like I said the when my dick becomes really stretchy/pliable from doing this, I think this allows more extension like you said. So while my dick is in that mode maybe hanging or ADS would be beneifical afte to take advantage of that fact. Your thoughts on creeping vs sum of cracks also makes sence to me.

Originally Posted by LongVehicle
Didn’t Xenolith do cyclic work on length as well, as opposed to the creep thing, and fail?

I know his ideology was different, but in practical terms he did something similar with high intensity and long breaks.

I thought he succeeded. If I remember correctly. It’s been a long time.

Good news. After taking many measurements and averging them I seem to have made a 1/8 inch BPFSL gain and I think there is even a small EL gain after resting for about a week and a half. The bad news is I tried doing the extreme JAI stretching again and for about a hour or two the other day and I’m not feeling the same fatigue in the shaft like I did the first time I did it. So ouviously that must mean my tissues have responded and adapted to the stress. The solution of course is to spend more time each session stretching, more days stretching, or take more rest to weaken everything again.

I think I’ll just up the time to see if I can reach that fatigue/soreness in my shaft again and then rest a while again.

A little update. I spent about 2 hours on stretching SU do this type of stretching then I switched to SO while standing for about a hour and a half. And once again I have good fatigue/soreness in my outer and inner shaft. I do think doing both stretching SO and SU did make a difference. My dick has been hanging longer flaccid as well and isn’t turtling. :)

I think like in hanging as BIB said the SO stretching stretches the outer shaft and the SU stretching stretches the inner shaft.

I may do a day or two of this again then rest again. Things are looking and feeling good.

This is crazy, I measured again after my long session last night and I’m measure a little over 1/16 close to 1/8 gain in my BPFSL as well as my regular FSL. Don’t know if I should rest now or see if I can duplicate more of the same with another long session. Hopefully those gains don’t go away.

This isn’t a lie or a joke, this is looking real good so far…

BTW I’ve been doing a little jelqing as well (about 20 mins worth)

Good for you man, keep up the hard work

Now: NBPEL = 6.4 MSEG = 5.3 BEG = 5.75

Goals: NBPEL = 7.0 MSEG = 6.0

Have you kept up with this routine LoveMachine? I’m getting ready to start a newbie routine (I’ve never done PE on a regular basis before) and I definitely didn’t plan on doing the intensity of your routine, but I was searching for results on JAI stretching.

JAI stretches appeal to me because it’s similar to how I stretch the rest of the muscles in my body, however I was wondering if it worked the same way with a dick and if those flaccid gains resulted in erect gains? I read the newbie guide and the guide on JAI stretching, and it said 3x15 reps, holding each for 2 seconds. I was wondering if anyone had done this specific routine starting off, and noticed gains both flaccid/erect, or if you recommend starting off with something a little heavier? As in 4x15 or 3x20, or what you think is better: higher reps, or more sets.



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