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Extreme lig stretch - For loose lig people especially


Originally Posted by Penox
Most can gain an easy .5 to a full inch with just stretching the ligs. It does not “technically” make your penis bigger. it just simply lowers it providing more penis for sexual entry. Really tight ligs like most men have can provide nice gains when stretched. I cannot remember the PE terms for it, but it lowers your hang since your penis literally drops “also creating a nice flaccid hang over the months” that drop provides more shaft that is measurable and insert-able length. My first 1” was from nothing more then stretched the ligs. That is actually what newbie gains are. To avoid lig stretching completely is nothing more but negligence on PE studies =)

That all sounds great at first, and has been repeated a thousand times in these forums and ones like it, but the closer we look the less it seems likely to be true.

My own experience with my growth has not show any of the above indicators that you attributed to ligaments stretching.

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Originally Posted by marinera
Your penis is composed of two chambers (CC) which joins together at the center; if you stretch your penis, it is quite natural to feel most of the stretch ad the center (think to stretching two balloons at one time: they will flattens toward the center). Penis anatomy doesn’t show this supposed cord because there isn’t anything like such a cord: this would be the most logic conclusion. Neverthless many people think their feeling is more right than what can be seen degloving the penis. The debate is here
Knowing whether you are limited by Dorsal Thickening/Septum

if you are interested.

I’d wager that the “cord” is not so much a separate, independent structure as it is a roughly triangular conjucture of the septum and the dorsomedial aspects of the CC.

There is whole long thread on that topic, as said. Post your thoughts there. :)

Sorry for picking up this thread again.

But its not clear to me yet..

If 0,5” is the max. lenght incease that you can get by working on the ligs, how did people with a manual stretching routine gain more than 1” (and I think there are quite a few of them) if TUT is the main thing for gains?


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