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Feeling Lazy, Help Me Add To My Routine

Feeling Lazy, Help Me Add To My Routine

So I’m looking for recommendations on something small to add to my routine. I’m 3 years in, looking for length, don’t want any new devices, and have limited time for PE.
My routine is;
30 second piss pulls every bathroom break
Light stretching
200 Jelqs
Short edge session
All the above is before my daily shower
Pumping 2 days a week for 45min-hour each session

Is there an extender that is safe for construction work?

Otherwise need some new exercises to research on my quest for a bigger dong. Something that I can do periodically during the day or that will add less than 10 mins to my routine.
I’ve been considering adding more focus to pre jelq stretching so feel free to bring that up.
Thanks. 1/4in away from short term length goal

For pumping I’ve hear that doing bundled stretches beforehand helps with expansion (primarily girth if I’m remembering right.)

As far as length try investigating some new stretching techniques like holding stretches for longer periods of time, and incorporating things like v-stretches or fulcrum stretches. There’s some cool ideas on this site.

Add 7 and a half minutes of stretching and 50 jelqs.

Originally Posted by velhungvhite
As far as length try investigating some new stretching techniques like holding stretches for longer periods of time, and incorporating things like v-stretches or fulcrum stretches.

Spot on - prior to committing to PE about a year ago, I tried off and on for the 12 months prior to do PE before I figured out what worked for me. Turned out to be jelqing and 12-point modified V-stretches which sounds a little complicated but they’re very simple. I did these 5 times a day during restroom breaks (so warm-ups weren’t practical) in 3-minute spurts which, combined with the 10 minutes of jelqing I did in the morning, gave me a 1.4” length gain over the past year (which included regular decon breaks).

Just saying that these were great for length and required minimal time & effort. As with most things PE, the key that unlocked these for me was backing off from my first, gung-ho efforts which seems counter-intuitive, but after which my gains became steady & predictable (I was initially stretching so hard, I was regularly giving myself red spots on my glans and slowing my progress).

The above was not so great for girth gains (and congrats on your girth gains btw - would give a lot for that kind of increase!) and although length was my original priority, as my goal comes into reach, I’ve been researching how to get the same success with girth gains with as little effort as possible. To that end, I preliminarly tried clamping earlier this week and I’m already so hooked that it’s really hard not to jump overboard. Will be cheering when you hit that 2.0” length gain milestone so keep us posted MadVillian - good luck!

Dream big… your mileage will vary...

QL's Log

Jan/17: 5.5" x 4.4" vol 8.4 ci — Jul/21: 7.1" x 4.6" vol 12.1 ci — Goal: 7.5” x 5.5” vol 18.1 ci ( c’mon girth! :woot2: )

Thanks guys. On a 3 day decon break. Will do research this weekend and try these exercises out.

Really thinking about trying to find a budget ADS for after work hours

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