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Fluent in Russian?

I’ve just sent Thunder the latest files for my site. All pages will now include a translate button. I’d love it if someone can tell me if it makes sense in Russian (or any of 50 other languages, for that matter ;-). My test has been to take the foreign language translation and translate it back to English. Hindi, Maltese, Welsh - gets a little dicey.

In the Spanish forum, I’ve asked for someone to review so we can publish a Spanish version.

Tom Hubbard
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It will be awhile before this update gets added to your site. I’ll try to get to it tonight but am making no promises. :) Best way to test a translation is to use a different outfit’s translator. Translate from English with Google, then translate back to English with Microsoft.

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I’m from former Soviet Union and know Russian

I was born in Ukraine I speak both Ukranian and Russian

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Whoa, Tom Hubbard the PE legend.
You’re the reason I found this forum on 2002, found a PDF of yours on some p2p program and Thunder’s was on the link list at the end, small world.

So I’ve checked the portuguese section of your website and it’s quite flawed, looking like machine-translated. If you want I could give it a boost for you, just send me a PM.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

I need a little help from someone that is fluent in Russian.

No problem, I’m from Russia.

I can do Australian translations. ;)

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Fluent in Pig Latin.

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Thank you to all of the Russian speakers for stepping up.

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))) Keep us posted

See some progress. Pics of members’ dicks no more available for guests :-)


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