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"G String" stretch

"G String" stretch


I’ve been slack on my routine lately, but have started PE again this week after vacation etc. I’ve begun using this stretch, really it is a type of V stretch. I’ve used different types of A stretches, which I can barely grab now with hands alone as per the DLD method. But, doing it like this I can’t get a good enough grip or stretch. I experimented with different ways, like the “fake arm” suggested elsewhere.

The “A” stretch is really a “V” stretch using a particular grip with hands/wrists for a fulcrum. I’ve found that after a couple of months of stretching and 1/2” EL gain, it feels to me that while stretching there are 2 ligs (tendons?) running straight down the top of my penis, just under the skin. These for now seem to be the limiting factor in my stretch, they will get very tight like cables.

As I tried concentrating on these ligs, I thought about stretching guitar strings. A new set of strings must be stretched uniformly before they will stay in tune. To accomplish this, after tightening the string roughly to pitch I start bending it sharply between my 2 hands, working them up & down the guitar neck. This stretches the string all along it’s length. So, to try this in PE I do a V stretch using my curved left hand thumb as a fulcrom. I grip the glans in the right hand and pull straight out. Then I press down as hard as possible with the left hand thumb, for short 2 second stretches. I do this 3 or 4 times in one spot, them move the thumb slightly and repeat, working my way up and down the shaft hitting as many spots as possible. The reason I keep the left thumb curved is that otherwise the shaft tends to roll.

I’m basically just starting a routine using this stretch, and will report my results. I know that others have done similar things using a hanger or other exercise. I really feel that this lets me work those tight ligs to the max. I’m including a rough drawing of this exercise.


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01/01/03 6.50" BPEL, 5.25" EG

10/6/05 7.50" BPEL, 5.60" EG


Sounds like a standard v-stretch to me :confused: Its a good stretch whatever.

The guitar strings you talk about are something that has been talked about before. If they are fairly centrally located on the top of the penis they may well be the dorsal arteries. If this is the case they are definitely stronger and harder walled than the veins but its the tunica itself that is really the limiting factor here and they will stretch along with it.

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