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Gains: Length vs Girth

Gains: Length vs Girth

I’m hoping to get a better grasp on this issue:
After reading many opinions throughout Thunder’s Place I’m still not certain about how -or even if- girth gains could hinder length gains or vice versa. I figure it best to use my own current status and goals as an example.
My stats:
starting on 8/15/03 - bpel: 6 7/8” eg: 4 7/8” - nbpel: 5 7/8”
current on 10/7/03 - bpel: 7 1/4” eg: 5 1/8” - nbpel: 6 1/4”

My goal: bpel: 8” - eg: 5 3/4 - 6” - nbpel: 7”

For my first 4 weeks I was very consistent (5 on 2 off) about the newbie routine: Warm wrap/stretch/jelq/kegel. You get the picture. This is when I experienced most of the gains seen above.
I have for the last 3 weeks been hanging (Bib Starter) between 5-10 lbs for two hours daily, 5 days a week. I have not been jelqing beyond restoring circulation between sets and have maintained my girth and length gains but have yet to see any length gains from hanging.

I had hoped to focus on achieving my length goal first, and then concentrating on my girth goal (much like Bibs History reveals) mostly because I get the sense from some threads that length gains may be adversely affected by girth gains (and vice versa) - it is also much less of a time commitment to focus on one thing at a time (because of the nature of my job I can do a lot of hanging during the day).
My fear is that I am missing an opportunity for girth gains as I concentrate exclusively on length. I think that my goals are very reasonable and can be attained given the right amount of dedication, which I have. I just don’t want to prolong this unnecessarily because of this ” length vs girth” issue meaning:
If I can work girth concurrently with length without hindering one or the other I will.
Is this a valid concern? Is there any consensus on this issue? If there are any vets with a personal experience regarding this it would especially help.
Thanks all————Cap

I forgot to add:

Has anyone here experienced length gains of any signifigance from a girth-only routine?

Cap, from what I’ve read, I believe it is important to get length before girth (that’s what I’m doing anyways).

Also, give it time. 3 weeks of hanging is not enough time to worry about not gaining. Your hanging routine sounds sufficient enough. I’m sure you’ll achieve your gains if you stick with it. The only advise I would give is to use an ADS. My hanging gains took off after I started using one.

Thanks Stevie.
I’m cool with the progress so far—- I actually really like hanging as it frees up my hands, etc. So no problem sticking with it.
The “length first” theory makes sense- but I’ll let my first post speak for itself and hopefully get a little more feedback from people on their thoughts.

Stevie, thanks. You’re always quick to respond.

Oh yeah—- what are you using as an ADS?

No problem, Cap. I’m sure other members that have worked on girth will chime in.

>Oh yeah—- what are you using as an ADS?
Usually a modified version of lil12big1’s ADS. This only works when I’m doing something with little activity that doesn’t require a lot of movement. I use an ace bandage self adhesive traction wrap for other situations. Both work well, but I like the extra pull the ADS gives. Either way, I think it’s important to use something to allow your dick to rebuild in an extended state.

What kind of gains did you see see once you started using the ADS stevie31? How much in how much time? Also I walk from class to class then sit down and pretend to pay attention, do you think that is too much movement for an ADS? I’ve been thinking of using one, but dont know how much movement I would be allowed. I definetly agree that letting your dick repair in an extended state is beneficial, it just makes sense.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

> What kind of gains did you see see once you started using the ADS stevie31? How much in how much time?<

I gained 0.8” in four months once I started using an ADS. Only 0.2” of gain in the three months hanging before that.

>Also I walk from class to class then sit down and pretend to pay attention, do you think that is too much movement for an ADS?<

You should be fine with lil12big1’s ADS in class. It all depends on how you wrap. Whatever you decide to use, just make sure you maintain good circulation because you might not be able to check that often.

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