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Nice tits on the first site!!

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Coming right up. Always down to help

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Sent you a few bucks, T.

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Mkay PayPal account is setup, my pitiful donation should be your way in a few days ( however long it takes for paypal accounts to receive the money :) )

Did I do it right? Paypal said it went through :) lol oh gosh I am a little too excited about donating here. I think I am going to go ice myself or something haha

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

It just now came through PG. Thanks!! And thanks for being patient. :)

VICTORY! There can only be one Highlander!

Thunder-Daddy: I had chastised a very, very frequent poster for not ever contributing. This turned out to be a student and I apologized saying, as a student, I could not have made a contribution either. He came back with the fact that he did not have a credit card and “How would he make a money contribution” (even if he could)?

There may be quite a few young guys in that position…no means for doing so. Guess it cannot be helped without losing anonymity.

Anyway, I will be happy to make another contribution for “students”.


Ha! Thunder. The student I had chastised was “patientlygrowing”! I see he came forward…great guy.

Some people make a gift card work without having to open an account with Paypal. I am not sure what the steps are to do so though. PG above had problems. They might have changed their policy on gift cards and I didn’t get the memo.

And thanks for the second donation. :)

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Yo Thunder, it’s not much, but I hope it helps!!

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