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Getting cut in 5 weeks,need after op pe advice


Start very easy, with short sessions and force, and stop immideately if you experience any pain. The scar will need more time than three weeks to heal completely, so be careful. I did have circumsition done when I was 24/25 years old, and my penis needed 5 weeks before I could start masturbating again. I did not do any PE in that age, that came later. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. Good to know someone who got cut as adult. What is your cut like?

It has been 30 years since the operation, so the scar looks just like any others. It took quite a long time before the scar was plient and could stand some stretching without pain. If anybody wanked my penis too hard it would hurt, and that took some time to get to the point where it didn’t hurt. I actually got my penis cut because I had too much foreskin/loose skin. To fuck with a condom was a nightmare, because all that skin would go back and forth, resulting in that the condom were dragged off my penis in 8-10 thrusts. I had to keep holding the condom at the base of my penis with one hand, not any fun, so I got the operation done, and haven’t regret it a single day. Because of the sensitivity in the head, rubbing against the underwear and pants, I walked around all day with a semi. To run were a nightmare, but that subsided eventually as the sensitivity went down.

Thank you for your experiences. Highly appreciated!


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