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Getting cut in 5 weeks,need after op pe advice


Getting cut in 5 weeks,need after op pe advice

Hey guys
I have now i date and time for my adult circumcision. No medical reason as i have said here before, mainly for the aesthetics and for pe reasons, I now need some advice on how i can plan my pe after the operation is done.

Im thinking of to first take a 5 weeks break from all from of penis stimulants, sex, jerking off and pe. Then at week 6 start with my extender and go for 3 hours a day for week 6 and 7 with kegels.. Then at the start of week 8 to starting with some light manual stretching with 5 hours of extender/day..Then when i reach 10 weeks to start with light girth again and to go 100 % with girth and length at week 12.

I can document the pe progress the first months after the operation, have tried to find any similar thread with adult circumcision and pe but that seems impossible. So hopefully will we have our first “Adult circumcision PE experience” when im done.

Would like some feedback from veterans here about my “Cutting Pe Plan”… :)

Wouldn’t the extender tight right onyour circumsision scar?
In my opinion the PE exercises you will do should be determined by how you’ve healed, not a definite schedule disconnected from reality.

I don’t understand why you would do that, but well whatever floats your boats.

Silence Walter5169! We are all qualified medical professionals here! Now let’s give this gentleman the infinite different opinions available here.

(Marcelo, seriously, discuss this in detail with your MD)

The extra skin doesn’t interfere with PE and I wouldn’t circumcise for aesthetics.

IMHO you should keep your foreskin, from the knowledge I’ve gathered from using the search button it seems foreskin is a plus for PE.

Getting cut for me was one of the best things I ever did for sex and PE reasons.

The actual Op and healing though was hard going, I had some bad swelling and subsequent scar tissue that took a year or so to fully look and feel normal.

I’m glad I did it but be prepared for anything !

Not that difficult a surgery but I would want a surgeon that has done a lot of adult male penises. A plastic surgeon is more trained for esthetics and dealing with loose skin and underlying tissue. That would be my second choice.

Well let me tell you I’m 37 yo and I got cut on the 25th of July 2014 I did it because my forskin was getting tighter and tighter and was becoming painfull during sex and its by far the best decision I’ve made in my life the penis looks much better and now almost 6 months later the scar it’s 100%healed no pain at all from the day of surgery and the days after if I only new that it was so easy I would of done it a long time ago . I’ve done PE thru out the past 10 years never stuck with it I would do 3-4 weeks then I’d stop for a year or so even tho not consistent I’ve cemented some girth and length gain and definitely I’ve gained on flaccid now let me tell you how I aproached it after the circumsizion first of after a month of getting the op done just basically let it heal after three months on mid October I’ve got serious about PE and sticking with it ever since and now we in January when I did PE before I was circumsized I would get a ton of red spots /burst vessels but now no more the other thing is the sex for me it’s amazing now before I was far to sensitive and I would tell my wife stop and not to move because I was about to cum now no problem I can have sex 1 hour and control it when I cum which is great . Another thing that I want to share is that I’ve been married for 14+ years to a sexy beautiful woman I always made her cum every time we had sex but now a month often surgery I make hut squirt like crazy is it a coincidence ? My dick grew ? No I think its because now I can last longer and she cums non stop 10-15 times non stop . Another thing I want to mention is that the dick never smells bad and while before you always had 2 clean it up now I can be 3-4 days without washing it no smell what so ever . Best thing I did I hope you you have the same experience . My routine is I do 10 min warm up with 2 heated rice socks then I do 3 sets of 20 min of hanging with 2.5 lbs ball followed up with 3 sets of 10 min clamping I do light Jelqs while clamped and squeezes I do this 5 days a week m-f sometimes during the last few days of the week id ad a 10 min bathmate to the session and or a extra clamp set since I would be off from PE on the weekend . Good luck with your circumsizion

Originally Posted by capernicus1
Getting cut for me was one of the best things I ever did for sex and PE reasons.

I’m curious to know why?

Originally Posted by Jlushi
Good luck with your circumcision

Thanks man, we will see, i hold my thumbs for a good healing process. I had some contact with a clinic yesterday, a urology clinic who is specialized in the male cock. Got very good reputation and ye i think it´s can be a choice, got contact with 3 clinics now so i will see who seems to be the best option.

Im also having contact with a guy that sells morphine based tabs. So i will buy some tabs from this guy so i have something for the first week if the erection pain at night drives my cock and mind crazy.

I'm Newly Cut - When To Begin With PE

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum. I subscribed here because this is obviously the place to talk about anything concerning your penis.

I have tried some PE through the years, whatever I could find in the net. I’m not too concerned about penis size, but who would not like to have a bit more if possible? I started with 13 cm erect (sorry I’m from Europe) some ten years ago. Trained for some weeks, stopped, started again for some time, then stopped again. I gained 4 cm in length so far, some girth, too, but didn’t measure it. Now I have 17 cm, which is not too bad I guess.

After I found Thunders place I will definitely read a lot and try out. Although this will have to wait a bit, because I got circumcised some three weeks ago and the scar is still healing. That’s why I write in this post. Unfortunately there was not a lot of information about this question, especially not from own experience. Just in case I won’t start PE before 6 months. But I’ll read, see and learn during that time.

The healing time will be largely dependent on how the skin rolls down your shaft when you’re flaccid. Hot weather (sweating) will hinder scabbing and healing, as will morning wood.

I expect it will feel really weird for a while, and you’ll probably get odd pains every now and then, but it’s a common operation and while recovery time varies a lot, it’s usually not a big deal.

Your crotch is dark and sometimes damp; a breeding ground for germs. Keep an eye out for infection. If things take a turn for the worse, call the doctor immediately. Chances of having trouble are small, but don’t let anything questionable turn into a big problem before you talk to the doc.

Thanks for your good advice. Kind of helpful. And for answering. 👍

Stats: 06/2011: BPEL: 13 cm; MSEG: 10 cm

10/2021: BPEL: 18,5 cm; MSEG: 12,5 cm

Goal would be: BPEL: 20 cm; MSEG: as much as it gets

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