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Girth Gains Finally


Hey Mick. try clamping with pumping, not at the same exact time but in series… I really think they work synergistically.
I tryd pumping for a number of months trying to gain length and girth,
but after a while I noticed it was just edema… then I started to bring clamping in and my girth exploded.
since then I have dropped the pump and I think the progress has slowed.. thats okay as I dont want that much more girth because it is sore for my girlfriend

I would say less is more with it all tho, but like training your muscles you keep adding a little more each time, not just 0-10. anyway good luck, and be careful you dont get too wide for the ladies

Originally Posted by vagabund

Congrats on scoring tons of bush.

Hahaha tons of bush…. excellent

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I believe clamping after pumping would only allow to trap plenty of lymph fluid.

Good for you if it worked though.

Originally Posted by Mick
So I’ve finally gained some girth which I’m pretty sure is permanent. I’ve recently had to take some time off PE and am still about 0.25” above my normal girth.

I’ve had a HARD time gaining girth and have tried many things. I tried the whole less is more thing (just doing light jelqing everyday, nothing intense) which didn’t seem to do much for me. Finally I tried to do intense clamping. I had sort of tried it before without success, but recently read a thread on pushing the clamp back into the pubic bone to get better expansion and starting trying that. Anyway, I started getting really into it and started doing INTENSE clamping every night. I’m talking about seriously intense stuff. I’m willing to bet that I’ve probably gone more intense than anyone on this board. I know that’s a huge claim, but I really went at it, lol. Anyway, the most intense stuff probably came within the past month or so, maybe two months, and I’m sure that’s where my gains came from.

Like I said I’ve had to take some time off PE recently, this is due to some little bumps that I have on the base of my shaft which get really irritated from clamping. I was worried that it was an STD or something, but I went to a doctor and he’s pretty sure it’s not and I got some cream for it. Anyway, the only explanation for these bumps I can come up with is the icy clamp. I was doing it for a while with no problem, but maybe the extreme stress from the ice cold water had some effect. Has anyone else had this problem?

I’m really hoping to get started again soon. My goal is 6.5” erect girth. Right now I’m at 6.25” mid-shaft, and actually about 6.4 base girth, but I want 6.5” mid-shaft.

I think I’m insane because I have a feeling that even at 6.5” mid-shaft I think I’ll still feel inadequate. I’ve felt what that feels like in my hand and it just doesn’t feel like enough to me… I really want a handful when I grab it. Why I think I’m insane is because recently I’ve had three experiences with three different woman, all of whom have commented on the size of my cock. I have no idea how big I was when the first commented on it. This was a while ago, but I had done some exercises that night and I was at maybe 6.25” in girth. She said “you’re huge by the way” after we were done. Later I asked a bit more about it and she said I was the biggest she’d ever seen and was convinced she’d never see bigger in her life, lol. The second was a day after I had done some intense clamping and was still pretty big from it. I was wearing a cock ring and I felt my cock and it felt like probably about 6.5” or 6.6” mid-shaft, and therefore maybe 6.7” base girth. This girl was AMAZED at the size. I’m not exaggerating, she almost couldn’t believe it and kept wanting to touch it. She kept saying “holy shit” and was fascinated by it. The third girl was just last night. I was honestly feeling kind of small cause it’s been a while since I PE’d. With a cock ring I’m probably about 6.25” mid-shaft, and without maybe 6.15”, I’m not sure. Anyway, she didn’t make a comment while giving me a handjob, but later told me I was huge, then “no not huge… goliath” (I’m about 8 inches in length by the way). Goliath wasn’t actually the word I don’t think, but it was something to the same effect. Anyway, I was honestly surprised. Going by these three instances, average girth must feel way smaller than what I have. I still feel inadequate though, lol… so ya I think I have problems. I can’t wait to get back at it and get up to 6.5” or 6.75” mid-shaft girth. When I do I will post pictures by the way.

You are simply….INSANE.

Originally Posted by Walter5169
I believe clamping after pumping would only allow to trap plenty of lymph fluid.
Good for you if it worked though.

You can do 2-3 10 minute pumping sessions, after a bit of experience the fluid build up is reduced.. then 3 10 minute clamps sessions… or if your are concerned alternate days.

For me pump = edema girth. But after bringing in the clamping (which I have to do with a shoe lace as I can’t get cable clamps) the girth turned solid and vascular.

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Looking for a good routine for beginners to gain some girth. Currently without any PE I’m 8x5, not too fussed about gaining any length. Can someone post a link to help me out or point me in the right direction.

What do you guys prefer to use to clamp?

I bought a few things all at once cause I didn’t know what would work best and still feel good.. Have the cable clamp, hose clamps and releasable zip ties. All work and have there benefits but curious about you guys. Use anything different from above?

Well, starting over!

BPEL 6" EG 5.25" BPFL 3.5" FG 4.25"

Goal - BPEL 7.5" EG 6.25" BPFL 4.5" FG 5.25"


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