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Girth Gains WITHOUT Jelqing


I don’t care for jelqing. It seems to give so little for the time invested. I can spend an equal amount of time clamping and get a much better girth workout.

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Hey Smallja,
I have been at this for almost a year now. Primarily wet jelqing but have tried dry jelqing, manual squeezes and uli’s. My unit gets bruised up and over worked easily. I learned to only wet jelq for 10 minutes to keep overtraining at bay.

But my gains had stalled and stretching kills my EQ, so I decided to try pumping.
I’m up to 3 10 minute sets with massaging breaks in between and within this first
Month girth is definitely increasing. I don’t go over 5 hg and it’s sometimes freaky looking when it first comes out of the tube purpley and spotted. This scared the crap out of me initially but after a few minutes massaging its normal.
After my last set I have some spotting that I’ve found is easily curable with some
Firegoat roles under hot water in the shower. This is definitely working on length and girth so keep the faith brother I think you’ll find pumping rewarding and effective.

Start BPEL 4.75 EG 4

10 months BPEL 5.75 EG 4.50

Heat it up!😉

Sittin on 4.25 girth here. With stretching how hard do you have to feel the stretch? Tight as possible with lots of tension? I feel like i did it to hard.

Yes its possible I gained .2 on my girth with only doing manual stretches how I got no idea.. But I did I am just now adding jelqing and adding clamping next month.

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