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Girth: Jelq, Clamp, Both?


Well I guess what I mean to say is there are people who have gained length after girth and people who have reported it prevented them from doing so. I haven’t actually seen much discussion on it for a while…The last one I saw was pretty inconclusive. To be fair, I guess working on length then girth would be ‘playing it safe’. I’ve never seen anyone claim length inhibits girth!

Haha, yes that’s true.

Tweaking: I have seen a number of veterans say that same thing— they do length first, girth second but they are not sure whether they believe the theory.

In other words, they do length first, girth second ‘just in case’ (exactly what you just said).

Light To Moderate Girth Work OK
I think light to moderate girth work wont hinder length gains, especially if a guy is sub 5” MSEG. However, it depends on the routine. I find anything related to girth is completely counter-productive for hangers, although at least one guy claimed big gains with jelqing + hanging (I read on this guy at MOS, dashdemig or something if you want to look him up). However, I found his story a bit hard to believe, as he claimed 3.5” in just 15 months and he supposedly used up to 600 dry jelqs per day. So, I didn’t quite find his story believable, so now I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up…

Back on track though, manual length & girth work seems to work great (e.g. jelqing + stretching). So in this sense, length & girth work together can actually be helpful. Keep in mind once again, this is with light to moderate force—at least this is my observation.

Advanced Girth Work (Might be Counterproductive)
Ok, back to my point… only advanced girth exercises seem to hinder length gains: clamping, horse440s, erect bends, ulis, etc. should be avoided until you reach the point where you really need these to continue making gains, just in case.

My point: based on my observations, it appears light to moderate girth work doesn’t seem to prevent or hinder length gains.

I do have one question though: do guys that start with really thick girth (6”+) ever report trouble gaining length? If they do, that’s anecdotal evidence that just being thicker can hinder length gains. I have seen veterans say anecdotal evidence suggests that guys with skinny dicks seem to have an easier time making good length progress.

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If you like, see if you can figure out how build a poll about that, Blink, it could be interesting.

Some might say you could just use a decon break after doing advanced girth exercises. However, in my experience, some tissues are permanently strengthened or thickened by PE.

My Anecdotal Support:
I say this because when I first started hanging in 2008 I could only hang about 2.5lbs. Later on I had a full year “decon break”. When I came back to PE I started at 5lbs (2.5lbs did nothing to me). Some might say it was because my skin was no longer a limiting factor; however most of my skin stretch was done in 2 weeks (the first time around), and my weight did not move to 5lbs until after I had been hanging over 2 months (part of this is because I was using a lot of sets).

So, PE does appear to have permanently thickened some of my internal penile structures (tunica, ligs, whatever). A full year decon break was unable to change that either.

I believe I could still jelq with a lot more force (safely too) the second time around, however, I can’t measure that force, so unfortunately, the only empirical evidence I have is from hanging (i.e. the 200% increased starting weight implies stronger internal tissues, and its possible the same thing happens with girth work; not just length work).

Anyway, my own personal experience is more evidence (at least to me) that I should stick with length first, girth second—and that I should cement my gains this time too. I lost .75” in BPEL gains, and if I had not stopped & just continued, I am sure I would have gained more than 1” BPEL by now; instead here I am starting over! (as of a few months ago).

Originally Posted by marinera
If you like, see if you can figure out how build a poll about that, Blink, it could be interesting.

I think a survey could be helpful for further validating or somewhat debunking length first, girth second. A controlled test would be much more effective; too bad that is not an option. What I mean is, if everyone did the exact same thing & had the same amount of previous experience, we might figure this out more accurately.

For example, lets say we had a group of 100 guys who just finished the newbie routine, then they all tried hanging for 6 months. You could try to correlate girth with length gains, but it even this might not be accurate. I say that because each guy would at least need a similar number of sets, and a similar level of intensity as well as the same consistently (the same number of rest days etc). I’m sure someone will find a way to figure this out eventually, but for now, the question seems it might be difficult to answer.

We could start a poll, & just compare overall length gains vs starting girth—but unless each guy used the same routine, & the same intensity, I’m sure you see how it puts the results in question… If nothing else it would still be interesting.

It might be easier to determine (for example) whether guys with thicker girth could handle substantially more weight from the start. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether that would prove much of anything.

Ok, I have to do everything, didn’t I know?
Girth and length gains

Vote please.

The idea that cells can and will only grow in one direction at a time, or that they only split lengthwise or width wise seems not only unlikely to me, but highly improbable.

Originally Posted by marinera
Ok, I have to do everything, didn’t I know?
Girth and length gains

Vote please.

And go figure, I voted wrong (I guess I’m an easy gainer, but I thought I was a normal gainer… oops)

Fuck, this length first girth later shit is confusing. I’m just gonna stick with length work while doing minor girth work till I hit my length goal, then I will blast away at girth. Damn why wasn’t I blessed with a big dick. Oh well, guess my creator wanted me to work for the things I want. Thanks for the input guys. Later

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