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Hanging vs Stretching - question for the Vets!

Hanging vs Stretching - question for the Vets!


Just restarting my PE training again as I am making time for it this time around. I am picking up the Newbie training once more just to get back to conditioning my unit.

I bought the Bib Hanger and for a time was hanging 2.5 pounds (back when I was jelqing also). It felt fine as I timed myself and made sure that I did not exceed 10 minutes at a time. Before and After hanging, I made sure I placed a heating pad on good ole johnny to make sure that he is relaxed and getting blood flow. After a week or so, I can tell my unit looked good hanging flacid, so I decided to bump up the weight to 5 pounds. At this point, there was good discomfort so I decided to stop. Now I am hesitant to hang beyond 2.5 pounds as I have read many threads of poor peeps feeling numb in the head area.

So my question since I am going to stick to the newbie routine for a month with ample heating, can I get decent length gains by stretching manually for the same periods as hanging? i.e. 3 sets of 10 minute manual stretches. Manual stretching is a pain but I feel I have more control and less afraid. If I decide that hanging is not for me, can I continue to make good gains with jelqing/stretching alone? Maybe later I will incorporate cable clamps.

I also figured the stretching is a good conditioner for future hanging should I decided to pick it up again. I guess Im worried about getting injured so Im taking this thing very slowly. Incidently, I have a device that I was using that is a pump with a rubber end that sucks up the head… By pumping, my unit is erected and I wait a little bit till the erection subsides and then I stretch and pull. Its a very comfortable device for stretching (it was meant originally to hang weights but I can’t get it to stay on past 2.5 pounds). For those interested, PM me or do a search for malebridge.

Oh yea, I was using a heating pad but going to get Infrared Lamp… I think this is better.

thanks for all of your help!


Jelqing is a must for conditioning. Having said that, I think you increased the weight by too much. Don’t go up by more than a pound at a time. I’m hanging 14 pounds & I can tell the difference between 13 & 14 pretty easily. I’m sure somebody will disagree with me shortly. :)


Hey rubberbandman..

I think you are right. For me 2.5 doesn’t seem much as far as weight increase goes.. doubling the weight from the get go doesn’t seem very smart now. I think I will try hanging again but this time, will make incremental additions to weights.


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