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hanging question

hanging question

I wish there was just one end all basic hanging guide. The wrapping drawings are great but are missing essentials because I get the idea that you’re supposed to be hard when you wrap but it seems to be such basic knowledge that no one ever says it?

Lucky, you never should be even a little bit hard for hanging or wrapping (#2 in Hanging 101 - .Hanging 101 + Sample Routine ) Stretch your soft willie out and wrap him up, that’s the way. I agree, it is not specifically mentioned in the wrapping drawing thread - Wrapping drawings But it is a mantra not to do anything with a stiffy when it comes to hanging. Stay soft, stay safe.

Wrapping is the biggest hurdle to hanging. It takes some quite a bit of time trying different materials and methods before they get it right. It took me well over a month to get the wrapping part down. I was too tight, too lose, too much material, not enough - it seemed insurmountable and ridiculously complicated at the time. I even tried to throw my hanger overboard at one point I was so frustrated (thankfully I missed). It really would go better if we had three hands, but alas we do not. Read the posts, look at the pictures, try the ideas, and if you find something that works - memorize exactly how you did it so you can do it again. And you did a very good thing by posting your question. Better to ask a question than break your willie!

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Yeah, wrapping’s a real bitch to get a hold of. The most important tip I can give you is to use scotch tape on both ends of the wrap — to adhere it to the skin and to itself.

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no shit hellagodamnstud, never really thought of that. It might that might really change some shit

What I said may have been obvious, but often we forget the most obvious things (and some guys say not to tape since it may hurt the skin — never been a problem for me). For example, I didn’t think to keep moving my left hand’s grasp and outward pull down to the most recent loop on the wrap. Until I figured that out, I thought I needed a third hand to keep skin taut while wrapping.

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