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Wrapping drawings

Wrapping drawings

Ok, I know these suck, but at least maybe they will advance the conversation. Any questions, just ask.

Also, I may or may not be able to post these. Let’s see.


wrap,first page.webp
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Not as hard as I thought it would be.

Third page.

wrap third page.webp
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Cheers BIB

These pictures will no doubt make things clear for many hangers.

They are quite well done in my opinion. Of course practice and error is part of the process.

May I add one point that you advised me some time back.

Start with the wrap rolled up, like when you bandage an ankle etc. I know it sounds obvious, but I for one was not doing that at the beginning and the need for three hands was frustrating.


Very informative.

Bigger, you are the man! This should be copied to some type of “best posts” section.

thanks BIB, those are awesome!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


Those DO help. Just got me one of those “blisters” from hanging, just below the glans on the left side. I think some excess skin got squeezed between the head and hanger. Not really a blister, must have been an accumlation of fluid. It went down after about 4 hours but is a little tender. Gonna take a day or two off.

Another key learning - had to back down on the weight while hanging straight down over the edge of a chair (BTC?).

Well Bib, not that I am hanging nowadays but who knows if I may start again someday. Anyway, now I am all confused by the second page. When I had problems before you said “have no wrap between the hanger and the head.” Also, you say to have the wrap one inch from the head in the first and third picture. However, the second page has the wrap all the way up to the head. It even says it can go over the head a little. This is totally different than anything I have heard you or anyone else say. I am confused.




Read the captions on page two again.


Well I still don’t get it. I read it over and over. Over the past year I thought we were never to wrap anywhere near the head. I have no idea what this is all about.



After the first wrap or two, you transfer the fingers and thumb, which are pulling outward on the head, to the first couple of wraps and continue to pull outward from there. Doing this makes The skin ride over the head and makes it look as if there is no distance between the wrap and head. This technique helps to keep the skin straight.

After you finish wrapping, and loosely attach the hanger, you can pull the head out away from the hanger to finish tightening.


Man it is a good thing I have a couple of graduate degrees to give me self esteem because I don’t know what you are talking about and feel really stupid here. Nevermind because I am not hanging now anyway. I did not have problems wrapping when I did, but this method is very strange to me and I just have no idea what you are talking about. Others like it so I guess it is not worth the trouble of clarifying. I just don’t understand the wrap next to the head.



>I just don’t understand the wrap next to the head. <

It’s OK. If you don’t understand it, others might not also.

The wrap is not actually ‘next’ to the head. It just looks that way in the drawings. The position of the first wraps in relation to the skin is not changed. There is still one inch of skin between the first wraps and the head. The wraps are simply pushed outward, the skin bunched, and it looks like the wrap is next to the head.

Pulling outward while grasping the first wraps will help stretch the skin behind the first wraps, toward the base, in order to help keep any wrinkled skin from under the rest of the wrap.


An attempt to explain

Hi Dance,

I think I know what Bib is saying.
Here is my attempt to explain it.

1. After the first wrap is done, you place your thumb fingers at the TOP of the wrap.

Now, you are holding the TOP EDGE of the wrap. Of course, this is 1 INCH below the head as show in picture one.

2. At this point, Pull THAT TOP EDGE TOWARDS THE HEAD SO That it is actually touching the head.
This gives the illusion that the wrap is starting right below the head, but it actually is not. (You are actually skipping over that 1 inch of unwrapped skin.)
This means that if you were to SUDDENLY release that top edge you were holding, the wrap would spring back to 1 that inch below the head.

Did that help at all?


You recommend using cotton for the first layer and Theraband for the second?

Currently, I use only One layer of wrapping and I use Latex.
I thought it would help keep it warm, but it does not help much in keeping it warm during hanging.

Do recommend I START THE TWO-LAYERS of wrapping

2. Do drug stores sell Theraband?



>You recommend using cotton for the first layer and Theraband for the second? <

Well, most of the time, I only wrapped with Theraband. Just when the skin was tender did I wrap with cloth first. If you need more girth to adjust the hanger properly, I recommend cotton cloth.

>Currently, I use only One layer of wrapping and I use Latex.
I thought it would help keep it warm, but it does not help much in keeping it warm during hanging.

Do recommend I START THE TWO-LAYERS of wrapping <

I don’t know what this means.

>2. Do drug stores sell Theraband? <

Some medical supply houses sell it. I sell it on the website. Also, there are two or three links to sites on my site.


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