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Have you gained from using an ADS as your PRIMARY vechicle for PE?

Have you gained from using an ADS as your PRIMARY vechicle for PE?

I have largely ignored the stretching and ADS discussions over the years because I just like jelqing and clamping better. I used to hang but never could get any device to be “comfortable”, so after a while I just began to overlook all of them. Now, I am finding that I wish I had been paying more attention :(

My situation is this. I must PE secretively. It has always been this way, from the very beginning. My wife would go through the roof if she knew I was “wasting time” messing with my dick and doing something that she thought could injure me on top of that. No logic or reason would change that - I have had too many arguments lost over much sillier things before. From her perspective, I’m not sure I would blame her. But I digress.

Other than rare occasions (like this week, out of town on business, or wife gone at a time when the kids are not a factor) my “intense PE” time is limited to a possible very short burst of activity first thing in the morning after a shower and couple of times a week during a 30-45 minute stretch between the kids going to bed and my wife getting home from work. At most. Often, other circumstances take some of that time away from me too. I no longer have a job where I can disappear for a few minutes to a seculded bathroom and do my business, or even standing in the stall when taking a piss. The wife or one or more of the kids is up half the night a lot of the time and would notice me gone. Trust me, there is no time for me.

I always tried to be an intensity guy, but it is not possible for me to be consistently intense. I will have to try lower intensity for longer periods.

So I’m looking at all the ADS’s that have been discussed here. There are more threads than the search is able to return results no matter how you slice it. I have been reading off and on for a couple of weeks, I have a pretty good idea of which ones can be worn in stealth, which ones are more comfortable, which ones are easier to make, etc. But, the underlying theme seems to be that the ADS is really there to make gains from hanging and other stretching exercises come quicker by keeping everything in a stretched position as cooling down and healing take place.

I know there are people out there who are using ADS and aren’t doing any hanging or forceful stretching exercises. To those people I ask: do you feel these devices have any value other than supplemental to other PE routines? I wouldn’t expect it to be extremely effective for erect gains when used alone, but over a year or so, a quarter inch in length or so would be better than nothing.

Most of the similar threads I have come across so far have been either theory, or people saying yes they do this, or they do it with other PE, but not much on results from ADS only unless they were promoting something. Then again, I could have kept on searching for a few more days. But I’m sleepy so I’ll ask. Hopefully this question isn’t too redundant.




My initial gains (I didn’t know ThunderSS at that time) resulted from an ADS, and only ADS.

But newby results are the easiest ones, as you know. I am not sure if ads alone would be useful now. Therefore I start hanging and follow that by ads (I am using pe-weights which are stealthier than the ads-stretcher I used originally; they are also a lot more comfortable and I can wear them, all day

Later - ttt

I have read some of your posts on the pe weights and have looked at most of the pictures of how they are attached. I find the concept very interesting. I just can’t get past the way it -looks- when attached, like it could all fall off at any moment while I’m giving a presentation or during my long walk from my desk to the restroom. Though I may try to find some golf weights and test this myself.

I haven’t done a lot in the way of lig work in many years, the pulling out and pulling down type of manual stretches for warming up are the only things that really even touch them at all. Maybe I would be suject to some newbie type gains again since it’s been so long.

Anyone else?


My gains (start 1-1-2007)

I think you’ll find this topic useful.

One day I'll be able to do PE o/

My initial gains were made thanks to PeniMaster-after one month of wearing I was 1cm longer. Never again my penis was growing in such speed-and I am 3rd year into PE now.

Wow malandro your gains are impressive!

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