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So, I have been doing PE for over 2 1/2 years. All manual for the most part. I’ve added pumping about 6 months ago. I attribute all my length gains from manual stretching. Nothing too crazy or high intensity. I used to do 3on 2off, then 4/3, and now 4/3 or 5/2. I’m consitent, but not religious. I tried pumping for length, I don’t recommend it. For me that led to high pressures trying to get to or exceed my best measurements and think it was counter productive. Now I do low pressure for fifteen minutes or less, and found that to be a good girth exercise and I enjoy it. I don’t have a set routine, but always have a goal. I’ve never tried extending or hanging and probably won’t. I have been getting good results with manual routines and they don’t require a lot of time. Gains don’t happen overnight. For me, being patient, consistent, and injury free are key.

Oh I see, I ask you question with a message that is already answered here. Sorry don’t reply to me