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How did you find Thundersplace?

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How did you find Thundersplace?

Google. (Please list terms you searched for if you remember)


Heard about in another forum (please tell us which).


A friend of mine told me.


Other (please explain).

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How did you find Thundersplace?

Out of curiosity.

Good poll surprised we haven’t asked it yet.

I google searched it. Think I typed in “Penis enlargment or enhancement” with different keywords like natural or home remedies. Not exactly too sure.

I don’t remember the exact search terms but I believe I used “free penis enlargement”.

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Cheeky cherry pe forum, years ago.

Luck :)

Google for sure.

If I remeber correctly I was looking for “jelqing manual free”, but I am not sure.

I remeber I browsed through Big Al’s and then thought “well probably all this must be published somewhere for free too”.

So here I am.

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Through comments section of the pirate bay.

After being diagnosed with an overactive bladder my physiotherapist had me do kegels. I wasn’t quite sure what muscles to activate after the first appointment, so I looked for a diagram.

So next to a stronger pelvic floor I also have a bigger dick.

Edit; so indirectly Google images, think it was BC muscle in search terms

I was doing an assignment on Storms lol

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Google, searching for bigger penis/ penis surgery, something like that. Desperate times made for desperate searches.

When first looking and reading a little bit on the forum I thought it was some kinda hoax with fake/ disillusioned users. Could not wrap my head around the fact that people were doing this, let alone believing it worked. Took me two years I think from first discovering this site before joining and starting the newbie routine, was even paranoid about joining, I mean, what if people would figure out it was me on here, hehe.

Google. Searched something like penis enlargement manual exercises after being teased with that formulation at some random pay sites.


Yeah, interesting point regarding the time elapsed between having found TP and actually starting PE.

Maybe we should start a poll about that too?

Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

Only 15 voters? Hell you lazy members!

Google, searching for results with extender.

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04/02/15: BPEL 19,5 - MSEG 15.5

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Come on people, don’t be shy dick-pullers now. Vote, and please elaborate a little bit on how you found it.

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