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How much money have you spent on PE?


About $20 for a few clamps and supplies to make a homemade extender.

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Hmm, 2 Lapdist pumps, a plethora of cock rings, and quite a few supps. I’d say $500 +

I’ve spent much more than was necessary to make my PE gains. I’ll estimate $400.

I should have donated half of it to Thunder’s Place instead.

Not a penny - do you guys not realise that the best things in life are free?

Originally Posted by Antistar

Funny thing I’ve made almost all of my gains with a $2 pair of yellow kitchen gloves.

Same here about the gloves (for stretching and jelqing), better than any hanger or other aid I’ve bought. Plus, you can take them anywhere, even on an airplane. You’ve got to get into manual stretching in a big way, but if you do, you could easily get addicted to what stretching can do for you and your dick.

Less than $100, but my donations to Thunder’s will add up over a lifetime.

I spent $60.00 on a cheap novelty extender.

Around $50 on various hanging materials, and a few cable clamps.

I plan on making a new home-made pump for around $30 and $50 for Thunders when I have more to spend.

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My Lapdist cylinder is the most expensive thing Ive purchased. The Mightyvac pump came from Autozone and I have some other homemade decices, clamps, etc… Ive probably spent $150-175 roughly and Im still using the same pump for well over a year now.

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I think I have donated between 30-40 bucks to thunder’s. That’s it.

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I’ve spent nothing.

Unless you count my parents have to pay the water bill for the hot water I use for warming my penis up:P


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