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I have an interesting question.

I have an interesting question.

I have decided to rest for a while because I have been working my penis a bit hard and lost some erection quality. But I’m really missing my PE and my wife is having some medical problems and I basically have to satisfy myself. So my question is, how long should I take a break for my ligaments to become more stretchable again. My erection quality is already back to normal, if not better. So was just wondering.

Thank guys.

Start the break and watch your penis signs. Depending on how was the beating, could even take months. Hard for us to tell you that, exactly.

My silly guess would be a minimum of 2 week resting.

To improve the erections, let to masturbate or have sex once per week. Edging could also help at this point. Not sure if this is an option, since you are married.

Good luck!

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Are you using constant heat?

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While I don’t have a specific answer for you as far as time off goes, I will mention being on good quality vitamins can help minimize the time it would take to recover, if you aren’t on any. Zinc, magnesium and B12 are needed by the body for RNA and DNA synthesis, so not having enough of them can slow collagen production which would be very important for PE. Glucosamine is also something recommended to people who have damaged ligaments to help them heal faster or prevent damage. Just food for thought so you may need less breaks in the future.

Unrelated side note- I love your screen name lol.

Thanks guys. Yes I do use constant heat, but since gaining quite a bit in length (about 1.2 inches in two months) I have had some trouble gaining at the same rate, so hoping a small break would help. Fortunately I haven’t damaged any ligaments. My ligaments stretch very easily. Have a condition that stopped my rugby in its tracks because I can dislocate different part of my body because of stretched ligaments but a hard hit will dislocate it involuntarily. It doesn’t even hurt, but freaks the paramedics out when your hand is dislocated. Thanks for the advise.

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Wow, I was checking your stats out, how is your wife feeling about the additional inch plus of length, if too personal no worries? I am curious because I have gained some girth, but I am not sure it’s really been noticed.

2 weeks.

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Originally Posted by LittleEngine
Wow, I was checking your stats out, how is your wife feeling about the additional inch plus of length, if too personal no worries? I am curious because I have gained some girth, but I am not sure it’s really been noticed.

When I started gaining my wife loved it. And my stamina went up as well from all the jelqing and edging. So she loved that as well. But recently we haven’t been too active in the bedroom and I continued gaining and because we weren’t active I guess she shrunk or something down there and at time I hurt her when we do actually have sex. And recently I have gained even more girth and its been a while since I gotten any action so its difficult to say what her reaction this time around will be. And before anybody says use lube, we do. Still hurt her. Starting to think she is scared of the thing. Haha

A lot of people here takes a decon break of 4 - 6 weeks.

Nice gains. What kind of routine you do for the gains?

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I hope your wife doesnt have this condition. Mine does and it is hormonally related. Perhaps your wifes hormones are out of wack because of her illness.

Just trying to help you think thru this bro.…mus%25204.30.16

Very arrogant title. :)

White button mushrooms broth is very effective at lowering estrogens, boil them for three hours and drink some of the juice daily, it’s great for men too.

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