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Ideal warming up temperature.

Ideal warming up temperature.

After reading Titleist’ progress report I got interested in long, multi-set pumping sessions. And as he notes, heat is of importance. Something we can all agree on is a staple of PE, regardless of what form of PE we’re doing.

I’m interested in finding out what how warm, we can get the penis. I’ve looked at heating bottle/blankets and seen ranged of anywhere between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. Given that the penis is more sensitive than most other body parts in respect to heat, how much can we apply?

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Summary of the tests.
Temperature measurements inside urethra with various heating methods:

Washcloth: 41.2C (Howardson)
Running water: 40.6C (Howardson), 40.0C (Graal)
Infrared light: 38.3C (Howardson), 39.5 (Howardson - after being under running water first), 38.0 (Graal)
Submerged in water: 38.7 (alin)

Washcloth: 106.2F (Howardson)
Running water: 105F (Howardson), 104F (Graal)
Infrared light: 101F (Howardson), 103F (Howardson - after being under running water first), 100F (Graal)
Submerged in water: 102F (alin)

I see my search skills failed me, thanks for the link.

What I was considering was getting a back warmer/electric bottle to heat up and around the tube while pumping. The blanket goes to 45C and the bottle to 60C.

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