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Interesting thoughts on ADS

Interesting thoughts on ADS

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading on this forum for a while (a looottt) but haven’t posted much - so unfortunately I’m restricted to the newbie forum.

I’m looking to get into ADS, as I think it is almost stupid not to use the other hours of my day PE’ing, and because I would like to lessen (or maintain) my current workout timings. I’m still new to this, but I realized that I haven’t seen anyone comment on this before.

ADS seems to break into two sections - ADS’s that stretch the outter penis itself, and ADS that pull the penis further down, thereby stretches ligaments. To give an example, Gerrykjohnsons stretcher, which is now being sold online, seems to be very successful at stretchers the existing outter penis itself. It grips both ends of the penis, and stretches it. On the other hand, golf weights hang onto the end of the penis (exclusively) and thereby pull the penis further out. Surely, the golf weights do put some stress on the outer penis, but most is likely absorbed by the inner ligaments. Unfortunately, I do not believe any currently commercially available stretchers combine both of these ADS methods

Anyway, I’m interested purely in length for the moment. I’m trying to decide whether to move to ligament ADS or penis ADS, so to speak. Any opinions?

By the way, from the comments I’ve seen, it seems lig ADS usually just helps people get better flacid hangs, while penis ADS seems to actually lengthen erect length.



(By the way, if anyone can, I think this post doesn’t belong in this section and would appreciate anyone moving it to the appropriate forum).

No replies?

As I have never bought a ADS before, I cannot give you much information. Why not try a search for ADS ? I have read through a lot of posts on ADS and whether they were successful or not in giving length and from what I have read, yes, it does increase length quite a bit. Why not read about the ADS on their sites ?

Lol, I am not offering comments, I am staying things that I have discovered through research and contemplation. I thought people would like to offer their comments.

Unfortunely, it’s in the NEWBIE section lol.

Thanks for your reply though Okish6er.

I think the concept of combining the two is interesting. I’m not sure how you would execute this. Maybe a stretcher with a weight attachment?

Or maybe with a strap attached to the leg to add some ligament stretch? I use traction wrapping and golf weights combined. I don’t think this has produced much EL gain but may be accountable for some good flaccid gains.

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target your ligs first. stretch them to the fullest which could take a year. then target the tunica or in your words outter penis. do it this way to get the best of both worlds.

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